Another Tokyo Snow Storm

We thought our first snow storm experience was gonna be our last but I was wrong. Just a week after, February 14, it snowed again. Plans of going out for Valentine's Day was ruined big time. I think its even worst than the first one. Sigh.. climate change. I now believe that the earth's temperature is getting lower and colder as time passed by.

Once again we didn't let the snow stop us from going out. Haha. We're kind of hoping to go back and do some shopping in the nearby city of Machida.

On our way the station we spotted empty parking lots.

As well as cars struggling to drive on snow covered streets.

Train service was put on hold so we were officially stuck in Sagamihara for the rest of the day.

I convinced Paolo if we could just go back home. But of course, inenjoy muna namin kahit saglit lang yung snow storm.

We don't have snow in Manila so it was kind of fun to play with ice. We only live once noh! Hahaha.

Happy Valentine's Day! Love lots, M+P

By this time I'm quite convinced that our trip was a bit unsuccessful in terms of travel and tourism. The back to back snow storms that hit the capital took a major toll on our itinerary. We spent most of our time indoors surfing the net, updating my blog, eating more food and gaining extra weight. Plans of checking out other tourist destinations like the Mt. Fuji was a bit impossible due to limited transportation.

But to be honest, I'm cool not doing anything during our winter vacay. There are a lot of restaurants near my cousin's house. Take for example this yakiniku place, sarap lang di ba?