Treasure the Moments with PixaRoll!

Our friends from PixaRoll is spreading the love this February with a Valentines Day contest! Got memorable photos inside your phone? Upload your photos on Instagram and get a chance to win photo magnets! Here are the deets:

1. Campaign will begin on the 3rd of February 2014 and will last until the 28th of February 2014.

2. Participants are required to post a picture on Instagram (with the hashtag “#pixaroll”) that depicts a memorable moment with words that would both captivate, inspire and spread the love during Valentines.

3. Memorable moments are inclusive of any pictures that are associated with being inspiring; heart-warming; thankful; enjoyable; quirky; special occasions, well you get the drift! Need examples? How about that time you went for the Colourrun and got yourself all messed up, or even the time you travelled to the North Pole. Good times, good times..

4. This campaign is not limited to only couples, but friends and families are welcomed to join as well.

5. Each participant is allowed to post a maximum of 2 pictures per account.

6. A total of 5 sets of magnets would be given away. The best 5 pictures would win 1 set of magnet each. Hence, if a participant has 2 winning pictures, he/she would be eligible for 2 prized magnets.

Contest is open to all PixaRoll users from Asia, North America and Australia. Of course they're shipping your magnet photos for free! Goodluck travel junkies! ;)