Seoul Searching Part 2

The last time I was in Seoul, we didn't go inside Gyeongbokgung Palace because it was just too hot to do so. In my opinion, I do not recommend going to Seoul during the months of June to August. Weather gets a bit tricky during the said months. Let's just say it is a mix of sun and rain, not the best combo when traveling. Good thing our trip was scheduled in March, not too hot nor too cold, just the perfect weather for tourists like us. ;)

Tadahhhhh! Say hello again to my cousin Jay. This travel junkie thing obviously runs in our blood, agree? He's all over the place thanks to his unlimited frequent-flyer miles! ;)

Btw, there's an entrance fee. Forgot how much but for sure it's less than ₩5,000.

Our first stop inside the palace grounds is the National Folk Museum of Korea.

Here's Paolo with the Hyangwonjeong pavilion and Chwihyanggyo bridge in the background.

This is the Gyeonghoeru Pavilion where the king threw feasts for foreign envoys or his court officials.

Gwanghamun Gate which was a bit crowded when we went there on a Sunday morning.

Since it's a weekend, there's a sunday market along Sejongno St.

Another thing I like about Seoul is that tourist areas are few minutes walk from one another. Take for example the Cheonggyecheon Stream:

Here's my sister and I trying so hard to shoot a coin.
Sadly, walang na-shoot so I guess I just have to work harder to make my dreams come true. LOL.

Last stop for the day is the Namsan Seoul Tower.

It was really hazy that day so there was no point of going up the tower.

N Seoul Tower is also famous for their love locks that adorns the rails of the surrounding platform.