Travel Junkie of the Month: Ryan Cardona

Blogger's Note: Sorry for the delay, original Travel Junkie of the Month for September took forever to reply so I had to change at the very last minute. Moving on...

Traveling solo for the first time made me realize that no man is an island, no one is self-sufficient; everyone relies on others. So when I went to Batanes, I relied on Ryan Cardona and his team.

When you google about Batanes, you'll find local travel blogs posting about Ryan Cardona. I remember we had dinner at Casa Napoli when Ryan told me that he used to work with another travel agency before starting his own.

He now runs BISUMI Tours and Services. BISUMI stands for the 6 municipalities of Batanes namely Basco, Itbayat, Sabtang, Uyugan, Mahatao, and Ivana.

I signed up for a 3-day tour with BISUMI and Ryan's team definitely made me feel at home despite the fact that I traveled alone.

Believe it or not, I think Ivatans are the most resilient, most honest, most friendly people in this country. No wonder I fell in love Batanes, it literally felt like heaven here on earth. ;) Let's move on to our Q&A shall we?
  • In one word, define travel. -- Learn! 
  • Could you describe the importance of travel? -- Just like learning, it goes with you every day, you experience new things, you develop your confidence and make your time is your ultimate guide on the ways and hows. 
  • How often do you fly, and on what airline? -- From now? Hehe. Every other month! :) I appreciate PAL, for the seat sales and getting a chance to explore, experience an enjoy my travels. 
  • Do you have a preferred day or time when traveling? -- Early birds! Usually early morning on a weekday. 
  • Who books your plane tickets and lodging? Are they personal or through a travel agency? -- I've my travel agents in Manila who do the bookings. Thanks to fellow travelers who inform me when and how to get seat sales! BIG thanks! 
  • What’s the weirdest question you got from an immigration officer? -- No comment! 
  • Window or Aisle? -- Window. I love taking pictures, I love taking aerial shots but i seldom upload them. Why? They're mine. Get yours! Book a flight! :) 
  • Are you a light or heavy packer? -- I use to carry the whole thing. I'm a heavyweight but not a heavy packer.
  • How do you pass the time on a flight? -- I used to bring my iPod and automatically turn to music mode.

Ryan with daughters Rhean and Yancy
  • In what country or region do you enjoy spending your favorite travel season, and why? -- I enjoyed my family trip when we stayed at Hotel H2O plus had the ultimate adventure at the Manila Ocean Park. 

Ryan with Carlos Celdran
  • Tell us about your most recent journey? -- Few days back, I got the chance to join and experience Manila's Walk This Way tour with the famous guide Carlos Celdran. It's an educational tour of Intramuros area down to the oldest church St. Agustin and others. 
  • Where have you traveled and where do you plan to go next? -- I visited almost all parts of Cagayan Valley back in college. But, I'll try not to visit down south unless I finish my mission of exploring other islands up north.

Here's Ryan showing off the men's version of the vakul. He's wearing the alugong (hat) and the dinung (body gear) that serves as protection from the heat and rain.
  • What is your ultimate travel destination? -- I want to set my foot at Lanyu Island or what they call Orchid Island which is now part of Taiwan. According to research, it used to be part of Batanes Group of Islands.
  • Travel Tip -- Always ask a question. Let your voice be heard! Remember that traveling is learning. So keep moving, keep traveling and keep learning! Dios Mamajes!
If interested to go on a tour then contact Ryan Cardona of BISUMI Tours and Services at +63 998 988 5898.