Arashiyama's Path of Bamboo

Thanks to my GoPro for making this shot possible.

Arashiyama is a small town in Western Kyoto that has become a popular destination to locals and foreign visitors. The bamboo grove is one of the top sights one must see when in Kyoto. Standing in between the bamboo trees make us feel like we were transported to another world.

From Kyoto station, you may take the train heading to JR Arashiyama via the JR Sagano Line. Upon arrival there are nearby shops that have bicycles for rent. Or if you're too kuripot like us, you may walk towards the Path of Bamboo which is approximate 10-15 mins away from the station.

Before anything else, merienda muna.

We ordered matcha ice creams and took photos (na naman) with locals. It's kinda sad we didn't see mga legit na geishas. Pero sige, pwede na yan tutal naka kimono naman sila. Hehe.

Recommended mode of transportation around Arashiyama are bicycles (less than ¥2,000 per hour) or rickshaws.

I wasn't able to ask or check how much a roundtrip rickshaw ride cost but based from this picture parang it looks expensive. HAHAHA. Plus, nakakahiya naman if papahila kami dun sa driver. Baka mabigatan siya sa amin. LOL.

Besides, we prefer to walk. Healthy na we all lose weight pa. Hihihi.

Speaking of losing weight. Hi Faye, diet na tayo. Wala na tayo leeg sa photos natin. Lol.

We wanted to go to Kinkakuji to check out the Golden Pavilion but then we didn't have that much time. :( Most temples in Japan start to close 4:00PM onwards so we stayed in Arashiyama muna where we checked out local stores offering items that are made in Japan.

Here's a stupid selfie of us while hanging out at the Togetsukyo Bridge. Dear Jay, mag emote ka naman! Kailangan laging naka smile?! Haha.

After 15,000 steps (according to my iPhone's health app), we're back in Osaka and rewarded ourselves with a dinner buffet at a restaurant in Yodobashi Osaka.