Cuore Bistro & Social Lounge

There's a new Italian resto in town and it's called Cuore (pronounced as "coh-re", it's an Italian word for heart).

My brother has been talking about this new resto they're opening with friends (which got delayed for a few months now) and finally it's here! Obviously, as a sister I was there to support him and the rest of the Cuore team. I went on during their (soft) opening day and got first dibs on all the glorious Italian carbs they have on the menu. :)

For starters, salad! :) This one is called Our Phuket Sunsets which has grilled prawns and smoked salmon served with buttered bread and homemade all-natural salad dressing.

For our drinks, we ordered their in-house freshly brewed ginger iced tea. This is NiƱa by the way, girlfriend of my brother. :)

For appetizers, sorry I forgot the name of the dish but it's basically crispy calamari.

First pasta served is called My Kind of Man which is a 4-meat carbonara. I love it! Perfect order for simple girls like me. :)

Second pasta is a pesto linguini with parmesan crusted cheese called First Date.

Of course a visit to an Italian restaurant wouldn't be complete without ordering pizza! They offer 12" brick-oven baked pizzas that are to die for! This is the Morning After pizza that's topped with bacon, (quail) eggs and spinach. I guess this one cures hangovers? Hehe. For seafood lovers you must try their seafood white pizza, masarap din siya! :)

One of their best sellers is the roasted chicken dish called All My Love that goes very well with their pesto mashed potato. :)

What I like about Cuore is that you get what you pay for. Price is just right and meals are good for sharing. ;)

It ain't a bistro without a bar of course! No need to move to another place coz you can order drinks from the bar right after dinner! ;)

Cuore Bistro and Social Lounge is on its soft opening run. They're located at 1-C Valdelcon Bldg., 20 Jupiter St, Bel-Air, Makati City (previous location of Moonshine). For reservations, visit their FB page or call (02) 546-5789.