YI Smart Dash Camera

YI Smart Dash Camera from Zero Stain

I recently got a new car and was a bit excited to accessorize it. By accessorize I meant putting additional stuff that I think are useful just like a dashboard camera. Few hours ago, journalist/car enthusiast James Deakin set up a petition to makes dash cams mandatory in the Philippines. I agree with everything he said, "No more he-said-she-said. Let the cameras tell the story. We have gone way past the point of taking one word against the other. It’s time we take back our right to remain silent."

Perfect timing 'coz it's been a month since I got the car so I'd like to share my review of the Xiaomi Yi smart dash cam which I purchased direct from Zero Stain. For starters, here are the specs of the camera:

Topgear Philippines once blogged about it with the title, "If Apple made a dashcam, it would be the Xiaomi Yi." You can't go wrong with the sleek and stylish design of the camera. It fits very well with my brand spanking new Mazda CX-5!

The unit I got from Zero Stain was a Chinese model so you may follow this tutorial to change it to english. Also, please take note that the package DOES NOT include a memory card. I highly recommend the micro SD cards from Lexar.

For quality check, play sample video above. If I'm not mistaken my camera is set to hi-res recording. I also disabled sound recording just because I like to keep my conversations in private. Got that, Taylor? #TeamKimYe forlayf!

Apologies for the background music, I was extremely bored while stuck in traffic. Here's another video from last week when we attempted to go to Tagaytay but had to turn around because traffic was sooo bad. I blame the assholes on my left (for counterflowing on a two-way street) causing much more traffic. Time to expose the stupid drivers!!!

Moving forward, I'm really happy with my purchase so to share the satisfaction, our friends from Zero Stain has a treat for you guys! :) Get a Xiaomi YI smart dash cam from Zero Stain (₱3,500) and instantly get FREE shipping anywhere around the Philippines (excluding remote areas of course)!

Just copy the link of this blog and mention "travel junkie" upon inquiry and you're good to go! :) This  rainy day promo is valid until July 31, 2016.