Hungover Hong Kong!

Can I just say, Cebu Pacific made it possible for every middle class Filipino like me to travel all over Asia without breaking the bank? :)

Two weeks ago, the fambam together with the boyfriend flew to Hong Kong for a short vacation. Its Paolo's first time in HK. I love the weather, feels like you're in Baguio but with a better view. :lol: Back in 2009, we used to ride the bus in order to get to our hotel. Nakakaloka, nakakapagod siya. Literal na commute. If you're going to HK, I suggest you guys get a ticket for the airport express. Super convenient!

It took us less than 30 mins to arrive in Kowloon station.

We booked our hotel with Metropark Hotel Kowloon via Asiatravel. Its my second time there. :) I don't know about you but I prefer staying in Tsimshatsui instead of HK island. Location of the hotel's pretty convenient na rin naman. Its 10-15 mins away from Yua Ma Tei MTR station. But if you're too lazy to walk, Metropark Hotel Kowloon offers free shuttle service going to Mongkok and Peninsula Hotel. The hotel offers free buffet breakfast na rin which I think is important when you go to HK. Kailangan busog bago magsimula mag walkathon/tour/shopping! :lol:

Paolo got a club room, he actually paid for that. :lol: Yun ang nasa plan! Haha.

Here's our small bathroom. When I say small, not that small and masakit type compared to the usual cheap hotels in HK. Its mapagtiya-tiyagaan small, parang size lang ng hotels natin in Manila.

Small bathtub! See? Ang sikip. Nahaharangan nung door ang view ng bathtub. Hehe.

Arrived around 8am (yes, we're in NAIA3 by 3, spell puyat) but decided to go around Tsimshatsui 'coz Mama can't check-in 'til 11 (disadvantages of getting a standard room, hehe).

Time for brunch! :)

The fambam went back to the hotel after brunch while Mama instructed me to give Paolo a tour near the avenue of stars. Nakakaloka. I wanted to decline. Boring kasi don ng umaga, ang init pa. But I have no choice. :lol: The financier (Mama) of my trip won.

Turista Shot No. 1

Turista Shot No. 2 :lol: Paolo wanted to try sitting on the 2nd floor of a double deck bus. Parang bata! :P

We're back in the hotel by 1pm but then we need to leave again for Disneyland. We took the MTR 'coz we haven't experienced the "disney train". Nakakaloka, nakakapagod!

We left our hotel without a map. So.. picturan na lang. Its better than wala. :lol:

Went there with my sister. Isha's our third wheel/official photog for our couple shots. ;)

There's nothing special naman pala with the train. May mga Disney memoriabilia lang.

Couple Turista Shot No. 1

Turista Shot No. 3 :) Wag na yung welcome to HK disneyland, gasgas na masyado yung area na yun. Hehe.

We got there just in time for the parade. Its my first time to see it. I love disney princesses!

I'm a huge fan of these ladies back in the 90's. :)

Turista Shot No. 4 On our way to the newest section of the theme park.

Forgot the name but the area's obviously related to Toy Story.

We didn't get to go around since we're so tired so this one's our last ride for the day.

As much as I wanted to show Paolo the fireworks, we had to leave 'coz its getting cold/late (its scheduled to start at 8). We also need to rest for our day trip to Macau the next day.

On our way home, we decided to ride the MTR 'coz its faster/cheaper. Dedma na if pagod na maglakad, kung san makakatipid, gow! :lol: So while walking to our hotel from the MTR, we passed by Mcdonalds. Sabi ko sa sarili ko di ako kakain McDo, but then I'm too tired na to look for a place to eat. Mura ang big mac doon ha! By 9pm, we're back in our hotel room getting ready to sleep.

By 12 midnight, I can feel something burning in our bed. Pao suddenly got sick. As in HOT sick. Nakakapaso yung body temp niya. Siguro nasa 40C ang temp niya that time. Naloka ako. Had to call my parents to tell them that Pao's not feeling well and will probably stay-in instead of going to Macau. Good thing Paolo bought meds before leaving NAIA (nurse na nurse di ba?), he was ok na in the morning. :) Stay tuned for my blog about Macau! :D