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Hello, Hong Kong!

It's been almost 4 years since my last trip to Hong Kong. So happy to be back!

My sister just finished the 1st year of her college life and is on a one-month term break. As a treat (or whatever this trip is called), my mother agreed to fly to Hong Kong to take a few days off from work and spend time with her. As for me, though, I wasn't part of this and was kinda forced to book a flight at the very last minute. HAHAHA. Again, you don't say no to free trips especially if given by your parents. :)

Jetstar: Manila to Singapore

Flying to Singapore from Manila via Jetstar? Read this post!

I just read a random post on Facebook complaining that Jetstar did not allow this lady passenger to check-in and board a flight to Singapore just because she only had a copy of the credit card (CC) used upon booking. If I was that lady I'd be pissed too but then I researched more about the issue and found this:

According to the Filipino customer service representative working for Jetstar, this rule STRICTLY applies to flights bound for Singapore from Manila/anywhere in the Philippines. I was a bit bothered by the rule but then you can't blame the company if this is their way to reduce fraudulent transactions online.

Moving on, I think Jetstar forgot the fact that one cannot enter our airports unless you have a ticket on hand. So how on earth can they verify the credit card used upon booking?
  1. If CC owner is based in the Philippines he can go direct to MIASCOR. If I'm not mistaken they provide passenger and baggage services for different airlines including Jetstar. CC owner can drop by few days before the flight for early verification.
  2. Ask CC owner if he/she has time to drop you off at the airport and give assistance upon check-in. You may need to beg airport security to let CC owner come with you inside though.
  3. If CC owner is based in SG he can drop by any Jetstar check-in counter inside Changi Airport or drop by the Jetstar office located at Terminal 1.
  4. If going to MIASCOR is a hassle (which it is, to be honest) for both CC owner/passenger, just make sure you have cash on hand. You're allowed to pay for the flight upon check-in and Jetstar will refund the payment made online. Not sure if you still get the same rate though...
  5. Last option is to buy tickets direct from Jetstar booking office (not sure if they have one in the Philippines) or go to a reliable and trusted travel agency.
Lesson of the story? Double check the requirements needed days before flying and don't expect too much from a budget airline. :)

P.S. I'm not suggesting that you stop flying with Jetstar because this incident can/could happen with other airlines too.

Momo Beach House

Bohol is one of those provinces in the Philippines that I've been wanting to visit for quite some time now and I'm glad I finally did! :) Took advantage of the points I earned with my GetGo card from Cebu Pacific and paid only ₱700 for round trip tickets to Tagbilaran from Manila. I flew solo once more, taking advantage because this might be the last time I get to do it while I'm still single. ;)

Pacsafe Flagship Store

Pacsafe opens its flagship store in Manila!

Pick pockets, strap slashers, bag snatchers and identity thieves.. what do they have in common? Well they're every travelers worst nightmare! I'm sure you've heard stories from friends losing whatever important stuff they have which instantly turns their dream vacation into a disaster. So how on earth can we protect ourselves? Of course by traveling smart!

YI Smart Dash Camera

YI Smart Dash Camera from Zero Stain

I recently got a new car and was a bit excited to accessorize it. By accessorize I meant putting additional stuff that I think are useful just like a dashboard camera. Few hours ago, journalist/car enthusiast James Deakin set up a petition to makes dash cams mandatory in the Philippines. I agree with everything he said, "No more he-said-she-said. Let the cameras tell the story. We have gone way past the point of taking one word against the other. It’s time we take back our right to remain silent."

Asia Premium Travel Mart 2016

The Asia Premium Travel Mart (APTM) is back on it's second year! Mark your calendars because APTM will bring together top travel and tour business operators as well as hotel and airline companies for a one-day sale.