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Pacsafe Flagship Store

Pacsafe opens its flagship store in Manila!

Pick pockets, strap slashers, bag snatchers and identity thieves.. what do they have in common? Well they're every travelers worst nightmare! I'm sure you've heard stories from friends losing whatever important stuff they have which instantly turns their dream vacation into a disaster. So how on earth can we protect ourselves? Of course by traveling smart!

YI Smart Dash Camera

YI Smart Dash Camera from Zero Stain

I recently got a new car and was a bit excited to accessorize it. By accessorize I meant putting additional stuff that I think are useful just like a dashboard camera. Few hours ago, journalist/car enthusiast James Deakin set up a petition to makes dash cams mandatory in the Philippines. I agree with everything he said, "No more he-said-she-said. Let the cameras tell the story. We have gone way past the point of taking one word against the other. It’s time we take back our right to remain silent."

Asia Premium Travel Mart 2016

The Asia Premium Travel Mart (APTM) is back on it's second year! Mark your calendars because APTM will bring together top travel and tour business operators as well as hotel and airline companies for a one-day sale.

Tokyo DisneySea

Apologies for the lack of updates. I rarely have time or inspiration to write after getting engaged. I've been busy preparing stuff for our wedding next year and just the thought of planning stresses me out. Anyway, I realized I needed a break and I badly miss writing so let me just share photos from my back-to-back trips to Japan this summer with the family. First post, Tokyo DisneySea! :)

Acuatico Beach Resort & Hotel

After new years, I asked my brothers if they were interested to chip-in and treat our parents for an out of town trip in Acuatico Beach, San Juan, Batangas. So happy that they were in! I have to admit though, Acuatico is probably the most expensive place to stay at along Laiya and it's almost always fully booked!

Cuore Bistro & Social Lounge

There's a new Italian resto in town and it's called Cuore (pronounced as "coh-re", it's an Italian word for heart).

My brother has been talking about this new resto they're opening with friends (which got delayed for a few months now) and finally it's here! Obviously, as a sister I was there to support him and the rest of the Cuore team. I went on during their (soft) opening day and got first dibs on all the glorious Italian carbs they have on the menu. :)

For starters, salad! :) This one is called Our Phuket Sunsets which has grilled prawns and smoked salmon served with buttered bread and homemade all-natural salad dressing.

For our drinks, we ordered their in-house freshly brewed ginger iced tea. This is NiƱa by the way, girlfriend of my brother. :)

For appetizers, sorry I forgot the name of the dish but it's basically crispy calamari.

First pasta served is called My Kind of Man which is a 4-meat carbonara. I love it! Perfect order for simple girls like me. :)

Second pasta is a pesto linguini with parmesan crusted cheese called First Date.

Of course a visit to an Italian restaurant wouldn't be complete without ordering pizza! They offer 12" brick-oven baked pizzas that are to die for! This is the Morning After pizza that's topped with bacon, (quail) eggs and spinach. I guess this one cures hangovers? Hehe. For seafood lovers you must try their seafood white pizza, masarap din siya! :)

One of their best sellers is the roasted chicken dish called All My Love that goes very well with their pesto mashed potato. :)

What I like about Cuore is that you get what you pay for. Price is just right and meals are good for sharing. ;)

It ain't a bistro without a bar of course! No need to move to another place coz you can order drinks from the bar right after dinner! ;)

Cuore Bistro and Social Lounge is on its soft opening run. They're located at 1-C Valdelcon Bldg., 20 Jupiter St, Bel-Air, Makati City (previous location of Moonshine). For reservations, visit their FB page or call (02) 546-5789.

Rosario Resort and Hotel

Oh my.. I missed blogging. I've been busy with work (signed up as creative consultant for the boyfriend's family businesses) wherein I just finished doing the website of locally based non-life insurance company website of Commonwealth Insurance Company. So yeah if you need a web developer and designer, let me know! Hahaha.

Baler, Aurora

Inside the largest Balete tree in Asia, also known as "Millenium Tree".

I'm back once again in Aurora province for an out of town weekend with some friends. This is actually my second time in Baler and I'm glad the weather cooperated. The other reason why we're back is that I wanted to pickup the kitten I'm adopting from my college friend. New year, new pet, why not? :)

Paolo (the boyfriend) and I left Manila around 5:00AM and drove all the way to San Fernando, Pampanga to meet my best friend Faye. From there we had to wait for her friend and we all had breakfast in Nathaniel's. Baler is approximately 4-5 hours away from Pampanga and 6-7 hours if coming from Manila.

For this trip we booked the Casita de Bahia room (good for 4 pax) of Costa Pacifica via Agoda which cost us approximately ₱2,800 per pax (overnight rate), breakfast included. When we arrived, I was kinda happy to see that the place looked like a ghost town and then we were greeted by this view:

Minsan ka na nga lang makapag check-in sa Costa Pacifica, sabay walang tubig sa pool. LOL



The whole resort was basically under repair and maintenance, maybe they took advantage since it wasn't surfing and/or summer season yet. Because of this, our room was upgraded.

We didn't want to waste our time so after having lunch my friends invited me to go on a trekking adventure to Dimutabo Falls, also known as Mother Falls which is located in the neighboring town of San Luis, Aurora. From Costa Pacifica, we drove for approximately 20 minutes to get to the starting point of our trek. For those driving their own car, take note that there's a parking area available in the starting point so no need to hire tricycles and other modes of transport to get to the entrance.

If you plan to go trekking please make sure you're wearing proper trekking shoes. My fried told us that wearing flipflops will do but I beg to disagree. The walk to the falls took approximately 30-40 minutes. Like any other adventure, expect it to be hard at first. And if you can, don't bring anything except yourself? :) Paolo and I managed to bring our gadgets though, his Fujifilm X-T1 (water resistant) and GoPro Session (waterproof) cameras.

According to locals, Aurora got hit by a typhoon by year end of 2015 and badly damaged the passage going to Mother Falls. Huge trees and big chunks of stones literally blocked the way.

Do not be fooled by the photo, the flow of water from the mountain was a bit rough so you need to be careful when crossing 'coz there's a high chance that you'll slip, lose your slippers or whatnot. Here's Faye with her friend Manuel slowly crossing the river with the help of a rope.

We arrived around 4:00PM and there were only a handful of people left which was good I guess? Haha. It's been a while since I last saw a waterfall so it felt good to see one again after so many years.

According to Faye, waters were wayyy shallow now compared before. Thanks to the huge chunks of rock maybe? At least it lessened the chances of drowning.

We didn't stayed that long and made sure we were back in our hotel just in time for dinner. Speaking of dinner, I failed to took photos of the food we ordered (which were all good by the way and reasonable priced) 'coz everyone was hungry after our afternoon trek. This is just me and my bff Faye posing for the camera. LOL 

The next day I invited the gang to visit another tourist spot near Baler which is the Millenium Tree found in Quirino, Aurora. It is considered one of the biggest and oldest tree in Asia.

One of the tourist guides knew how to take a panoramic photo using the iPhone so he basically asked us to pose and this was the output of his shot.

Talk about cheesy. ♥♥♥

Before I end this post I'd also like to share a photo of my new pet that I adopted and named Sydney. She's a mix breed of Persian and Siamese cat. This is also my first time to actually be a "cat mom" to a kitten so wish me luck! If you have time, follow my posts about her using the hashtag #SydneyThePussy. Hehehe.

To properly end this post I'm sharing my first travel video for 2016. Enjoy! :)

How to Apply for Schengen Tourist Visa for Filipinos (2)

Eiffel Tower just days after the terror attacks in Paris last November 2015. Photo grabbed from TechInsider.

Part of your 2016 bucket list to visit Europe? ;) If you're a Filipino passport holder, you need to apply for a visa from any of the 26 European Union countries. I've already blogged on how to get a visa from the Embassy of Switzerland. To give you other options, here's another way to apply for a Schengen visa but this time around it will be from the Embassy of France.