Palawan Day 3

Copied from my personal blog published on June 17, 2011:

Woke up early (again!) for our day tour in Dos Palmas. I've been looking forward to this trip 'coz of the food! Hahaha.

I'm feeling sooo girly with my maxi dress. Hahaha.
First timer or not, laging may briefing before you're allowed to do whatever you want while in the island.
Touristang tourista! :lol:
It was cloudy but really sunny, talk about climate change. Here I am afraid of getting sun burned.
Its Pao's first time to try the kayak and he loved it! ;)
I wasn't that impressed with our buffet lunch. :cry:
Squid teriyaki and grilled blue marlin lang yung na-enjoy ko. :( I wasn't able to satisfy my raw food craving. :cry:
Back in 2008, they served A LOT of seafood. Here's Antonio and Faye enjoying their sashimi. :) Iba ba kapag day tour guests lang? :lol:
After lunch.. we took a nap in one of the cabanas.
What do you call this seashell with a flower design or something. I've only seen it in Palawan. :roll:
Took more couple shots. :P Thanks to the timer for officially being our photog. :lol:
Enjoyed the low tide by looking for baby sea creatures.
I wanted to show Paolo how a starfish can "stand" up on its own.
Exagg naman sa bagal and were almost leaving na so I just took a video using my LX5. Amazing quality ha! ;)
Before leaving, the crew of our boat gave is this "leaf art". Ang kyoot. Hahaha. Cheesy! ;)

What an exhausting trip! Walang pahinga eh. :lol: Can't wait for our next out of town trip! Its either Camarines Sur, El Nido or Pagudpod. ;)