Temples Tour

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We're scheduled for the morning Temple and City tour last August 3, 2012. Thank goodness it wasn't as hot as we expected it to be. The temple was filled with tourists from all over the world. According to our tour guide, it was Wan Khao Phansa holiday meaning beginning of Buddhist Lent.

Here's the entrance going to the temples. We're only 5 during the tour (including the tour guide), very very convenient if compared to traveling in big groups. And hey, did I mention its free? :) You just need to pay for the admission/entrance though.

See the number of tourists? No wonder Bangkok's one of the most visited cities in the world. Our guide told us that they get around 12 million visitors per year! Amazing Thailand! ;D

Thai's get to enter for free! :) If I'm not mistaken, entrance fee costs 100 baht.

The Guardian Giants

Spotted this miniature version of the temple found in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

I love how intricate the details are in the design of the temple.

Like I said, it was holiday when we went there. Check out the number of people trying to enter one of the temples. Can you see our tour guide over at the left? She's waving her yellow fan up in the air. Haha.

Slippers are not allowed inside the temple so you have to leave them outside. Our tour guide stayed behind and looked after our belongings. :)

Photos and videos are strictly not allowed inside the temple. You'll see the golden Buddha at the middle of this photo. :)

Inside the temples you'll see wall paintings that shares the history of the kingdom of Thailand.

Spotted a few soldiers doing their afternoon rounds.

Our last stop was the Chakri Maha Prasat Hall.

As you can see, the building is a bit more modern and westernized compared to the temples.

The following day, we went to the Temple of the Reclining Buddha or better known as Wat Pho which was just across the Grand Palace. ;)

The Buddha is 15 meters high and 43 meters long and is purely made of solid gold.

Here's the bottom/foot of the Buddha.

The Buddha's feet measures 3 meters long and is decorated with mother-of-pearl illustrations that represent the 108 auspicious characters of the Buddha.

Here's a smaller version of the Buddha which is also made of pure gold.

There are bronze bowls before you exit the temple. You may drop coins for it is believed to bring you good fortune.

Compared the day before, today had such a relaxing environment. I can sit here all day long.

Amazing Thailand indeed! :) Due to our limited time in Bangkok, we weren't able to check out other tours such as the floating market, Ayutthaya tour, and many more! I'm definitely looking forward to coming back for more.. and of course, shopping! :)

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