Tim Ho Wan Mongkok

UPDATE: Tim Ho Wan restaurant on Kwong Wah St. in Mongkok has shut down caused by massive rent hike of the building owners. It has relocated to Olympian City 2 shopping mall, at Olympic Station and about 15 minutes walk from the old Mongkok location.

Glad we were able to experience dining at the original Tim Ho Wan branch before it closed. There were long lines outside but we're there by 8:00am thus making us the 3rd/4th group in the line.

Can you see me by the end of the line?

Paolo took this photo minutes before the restaurant opened. There must have been a hundred people or more waiting in line.

While waiting, the lady at the reception gave us this form to fill up.

The restaurant was really small that it could only accommodate 30 pax.

Sitting only with your group wasn't an option 'coz the restaurant needed to maximize the small space.

Oh, in case you didn't know.. Tim Ho Wan is one of the cheapest Michelin Star restaurants in the world.

I LOVE their baked bbq pork buns. So yummy!!!

The verdict? Well, coming from a travel blogger.. it was ok. I really just didn't get the big fuss about this restaurant. There are a lot of other restos offering the same thing and I don't see any difference with the food.   It was overrated and probably because I wasn't satisfied with our dimsum orders. Haha. Oh well, it was worth the try and I wouldn't mind ordering those yummy pork buns again. :)

Anyway, I repeat.. the original Mongkok branch has already closed due to high rent so don't bother going there. You may visit other branches in Central, Sham Shui Po and the newest at Olympian City. Happy Sunday guys! ;)


  1. We went there just for the Char Siu Buns! It was so yummy we ordered an extra serving hahaha

    1. Jenn Ngo isdatchu?! Di ba? I cannot wait for their Manila branch to open!!!! ;)