Sunrise @ Angkor Wat

Woke up extra early for this trip as I told myself that I will not leave Siem Reap without seeing the sun rise at Angkor Wat. Alarm was set at exactly 4:30am and arrived minutes past 5:00am. I went there all by  myself so I kinda freaked out a little 'coz the place was so dark and felt eerie at the same time.

Angkor Wat at around 6:30am.

You may need to come earlier to get a good spot for photos. There were probably a thousand or more tourists who wants to bring home a sunrise shot of the Angkor Wat.

Went straight inside the temple instead of waiting for the sun to show up.

How I wish temples were like this the whole day. :) Peaceful and less crowded.

My other goal that morning was to go up the top of the temple.

"Gates" open around 7:30-8:00am but if you're in a rush, you may pay extra USD5.00 to the guards.

I wonder where the extra USD5.00 goes? Probably inside their pockets. Talk about corruption.

I'm too cheap to pay extra so I opt to wait just like this guy.

After a few minutes, I'm finally at the top. And yes, no extra charge. Please take note that they have a very strict dress code here, make sure you're covered.

View from the top. See the yellow dot? It's the Angkor Hot Air Balloon

Goodluck to people with arthritis. It was a bit hard climbing up and down the steep stairs. Haha.

Temperatures were rising as the sun goes up.. it was time to leave.

I left before 9:00am, check out this couple sweating like there's no tomorrow. Yes, its hot in Siem Reap.

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  1. I love your blog but it is bad for my bank balance. Just after looking at flights to this wonderful place.