Happy Anniversary Travel Junkie!

You read it right, Travel Junkies! We are now 1 year old! ;)

To celebrate this occasion, I am showing off the brand new spankin' logo of my blog! ;) Designed and created by my good friend Renz Morco. We've been "designing" for months now and I told him that I wanted the logo to look like one of the travel stamps you see in passports. As you can see, he nailed it.. spot on! Good job Renz! ;)

Anyway, I'll be updating the layout of my blog real soon. Just give me time to figure out Blogger and its codes. I find this one a bit harder to understand compared to Wordpress. Haha. OR, if you're a designer.. and want to offer your web services, just send me an email for quote at maye.mariano[at]yahoo[dot]com and I'd be more than glad to check out your portfolios. Woot! :) What do you think of the new logo guys? ;)

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