Seoul Folk Flea Market

Whenever I'm out of town I make sure to check out second hand stores so no wonder we ended up at the Seoul Folk Flea Market. Personally, I think there's something very special and magical in flea markets. They instantly bring you back in time.

Each item has its own story.

Working or not, some people do actually buy them may it be for display or whatever.

Check out this vintage electric fan working good as brand new!

I definitely recommend this market for camera enthusiasts. Leica, Pentax, Nikon, Canon, etc. Name it, they have it. Now that's what I call camera heaven!

Believe it or not, Paolo (the boyfriend) got really excited after seeing these photos. Too excited that he didn't have to think twice and booked us a ticket to Incheon for March 2014. Yes, Travel Junkies. We're invading Seoul one more time real soon! ;)

There were probably over a hundred stalls selling different kinds of stuff from clocks to remote, paintings, furniture, etc. I'm 200% that tourists/locals don't go home empty handed every time they visit because there's  definitely something for everyone in here. ;)

But what caught my attention the most was this mountain of bags, fake bags. I read from TheBagHag that very good fakes are now made in Korea. Not China.

Here's my aunt enjoying her new "designer bag" from LV.
Please watch out for my upcoming post about the bags!

Sure, there's a lot of vintage items in this market but take note that some might be authentic and some might be actually fake. I suggest you trust your instincts whenever buying stuff from flea markets. A little research goes a loooooong way. :)