Million People March

Last week (Aug. 26, 2013) my sister and I joined the Million People March held in Manila as a protest among the Filipino tax payers for the abolition of PDAF (Priority Development Assistance Fund or Pork Barrel). We also took it as a chance to visit Rizal Park. I get to pass by that place once in a while but it's been probably years since I last walked around the area.

Attendees were asked to wear white as a sign of support for the abolition of pork barrel funds.

We spotted young Aetas who traveled all the way from the northern side of the Philippines to join the march.

What caused the outrage of my fellowmen? Here's where it all started: Jeane Napoles' lavish lifestyle.
How could she or her family afford to live a luxurious lifestyle when most of the Filipino working force try to survive with a daily wage of more or less US$12 per day.

According to reports, Janet Lim Napoles together with other Senators are involved in a 10-billion peso scam where they presented bogus non-government organizations (NGOs) in order to have access to their PDAF.

Overall the event was a success and I really hope the government takes this issue seriously and starts listening to its people. As much as possible I really don't like to talk about politics but enough is enough. I expect more from my country and I believe that Filipinos deserve more than what we have now.

“The people do not complain because they have no voice; do not move because they are lethargic, and you say that they do not suffer because you have not seen their hearts bleed.” ― José Rizal, Noli Me Tangere