Marzon Hotel Kalibo

For my family's first trip to Boracay, I decided to get roundtrip tickets to Kalibo instead of Caticlan since it's cheaper compared to the latter. Besides, Caticlan flights get cancelled on a regular basis and airlines usually divert to Kalibo. At least less hassle na for us if ever di ba? Anyway, we had to spend one night in Marzon Hotel Kalibo 'coz we arrived at midnight and I'm not really sure if it's safe to travel around that time to Caticlan. Marzon Hotel's located 5 mins. from the Kalibo International Airport.

For some weird reason, I couldn't book directly from their website and emails I send them bounces back so our room was booked with Agoda. :)

The hotel looks fairly new and I think they have plans of expanding as you can see from the photo below.

We stayed in one of their family rooms. :)

They really have spacious rooms. Not sure how much they charge though for extra pax.

Our room has 2 showers! Hindi na kailangan mag madali or mag-antayan sa pag ligo. Hehe.

Very spacious din and cafeteria nila. :) Yun nga lang, for 2 lang yung free breakfast.

Small servings for our "free" breakfast. Not bad.

Pops and Moms ordered breakfast was a little heavier compared to ours. Hehe.

Only problem I had with Marzon Hotel is that our room smelled even if it was a non-smoking room. And since hindi naman kami super diva family, di na kami nag request to transfer. Haha.

I've stayed in Kalibo once and this place is wayyyyy wayyyy better than that nipa hut style hostel named Lucious Inn ata. Overall I'd give this place 3 stars. Maayos naman siya and recommended for those like us na stopover lang ang Kalibo before mag Boracay. :)