♥ Hello, Travel Junkies! :) Sorry for the lack of posts. We lost internet connection at home since August 2013. Been looking for the best internet service provider in our area but sadly most of them sucked. Sigh. How I wish the Philippines offer lightning fast internet services like SoKor and Hong Kong. ♥

Anyway, check out my latest discovery from the App Store: PixaRoll!

PixaRoll is a Singapore based company that recently landed/offered services to users in the Philippines.

You may be wondering what is PixaRoll? Well, PixaRoll is like a photo kiosk in your phone. All you need to do is download the app (they're available for iOS, Android and Windows), upload photos (straight from album/gallery of your mobile phone or connect PixaRoll to your DropBox account) in their server, send payment via PayPal (or use credit/debit cards), enter your home address and you're done! :)


As of the moment they offer 4R, 6R and 4x4 prints. Price depends on the quantity of orders. More prints mean more discount, how awesome is that?! ;) If I'm not mistaken I added less than SGD3.00 (USD2.40) for shipping to Manila. Prints arrive within a week or two after placing orders depending on country of delivery. Currently they ship to Singapore and most parts of South East Asia, Australia, Canada and United States of America.

For fellow Instagram addicts I'm 200% sure you'll love this app! ;)

Placed my orders last September 11, 2013 and got it by the 25th.

Tadahhhhhhh!!! :) I bet you guys love my room wall clock. ;)

Sorry I'm so happy with my prints that I just had to show them off to the world. Lol.


Yes photo junkies, they offer magnets too! Perfect for my new fridge! ;)
**code in the photo expired last Sept 2013**

Anyway, I have yet to choose photos for the magnets so watch out for my update really soon! For now, try and download the PixaRoll app on the App Store, Google Play and Windows. Follow their social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. ;)

P.S. Prints you see above were provided for FREE by PixaRoll SG. Thanks again PixaRoll! ;)

P.P.S. Also, don't forget to add #PixaRoll hashtag for every upload! Who knows, they might like your photos and be the next featured Star-Rollers! ;)