Kamana Sanctuary

Going to Kamana Sanctuary after the new year was a last minute decision by my cousin Jay. :) I wasn't even supposed to go but since I got invited after self inviting myself, why not right? Lol. My goal this 2014 is of course to travel more! Haha.

Anyway, I haven't been to Subic in years! Sooo glad to be back. I realized that Subic is another great alternative to Tagaytay. Heck, it's even faster to get here compared to Tagaytay! Aminin niyo yan. Kaasar ang traffic kapag paakyat dun 'di ba? Hehe. We left Manila past 11 in the morning and arrived before 2PM.

Hotel Kamana Sanctuary Resort and Spa's reception.

We stayed in their standard rooms 103 and 104. Room is very spacious and could accommodate 4 pax.

The bathroom is spacious but I agree with Chuvaness that it's falling apart.

There's the usual complimentary water and tea. Our cabinets have bathrobes, slippers, laundry bags and a safety deposit box. How I wish they offered drinks in our fridge. Ours was empty so we had to buy outside even if it's not allowed. Lol.

Their TV's cable ready plus I love the huge mirror. :)

We were at the first floor so it was kind of awesome having this view of the beach. :)

Only thing I didn't liked so far is that they didn't have in-room WiFi. I mean seriously.. for the price my cousin paid for our 3D2N stay?! Hmm. They do have WiFi in the restaurant but didn't seem to work with my smart phones so it's still a fail for me. Buti na lang my Smart has signal so I just shared via tethering.

Also, they charged us for extra pax which was totally understandable but I find it kind of annoying that they're still charging another extra for beds. Kaloka.

To be continued...