Gadget Shopping in Tokyo

The back to back snow storm that hit Tokyo few weeks ago didn't stop me from gadget shopping. To be honest, I was quite hesitant to buy due to mercury retrograde. And of course, Tokyo is known to be one of the most expensive cities on earth. Ang pagkain mahal depende sa location pero sa gadget hindi. You be the judge after reading this post! ;)

Just a reminder though, I'm no expert in this field so the post you're reading now is all based from experience ok? Moving on...

Akihabara is known to be the center of electronics in Tokyo but since we're staying with my cousin in Sagamihara, the nearest electronic store from our place is Yodobashi Camera Machida branch. Yodobashi Camera is a store that started selling anything and everything related to cameras. But as time passed by, they started offering other products like mobile phones, laptops, desktop and even home equipments!

When shopping in Yodobashi, make sure you get a Golds Point Plus card. According to my cousin, it's free and ready to use as soon as you sign up. With that card you get 3-10% discount depending on the item you'll buy. The discount will then be converted to points. Remember, 1 point is equivalent to 1 yen.

So what's inside my shopping bag? Check it out:

The SRP in the Philippines for the laptop alone is ₱67,990 so I saved ₱6,390.

The package (X-M1 + 16-50mm kit lens + 27mm pancake lens) I got in Japan is not available in Manila but the SRP of X-M1 with kit lens is ₱34,000 so I saved ₱3,700.

I hope you understood the images I posted. To make the long story short, all the accessories; air jacket hard case, moshi keyboard clearguard, case logic laptop case, kenko lens filter and both screen protectors are all FREE using the points I earned from the laptop and camera I got in Yodobashi. Yes, free. Do the math, compute for the total amount of all the freebies I got and you'll see that I actually saved a lot of money.

The only disadvantage of shopping in Yodobashi is that some items might not have international warranty. Make sure to ask before purchasing. 

Yodobashi Camera has several branches in and out of Tokyo. Mind you, they're not a small store. We're talking about 6 to 10-storey buildings full of anything and everything electronic. It's definitely one of those places you must visit if you're a gadget freak like me. ;)

P.S. Don't worry about getting scammed or whatnot. The Japs I think are the most honest people on earth. Also, try to haggle with the sales person by shopping with or like a local. It worked for us! We got a few more items like Casio watches and SanDisk extreme pro memory cards at an extremely low price, kulang na lang ibigay sa amin ng libre. Haha.