Tokyo Aqua Line and Umihotaru

 The Tokyo Aqua Line is a 14km bridge/tunnel connecting Kawasaki (Kanagawa) and Kisarazu (Chiba) making it the 4th longest underwater tunnel in the world.

This is a man-made island called Umihotaru (meaning sea firefly); it is a rest area located at the 10th km of the Aqua Line and is complete with restaurants,  shops and amusement facilities. Photo grabbed from


Before we go around the Tokyo Bayoasis, lunch muna. I'm feeling cold as I write this post, gusto ko ng ramen! Haha.

Here's a slice of the drilling machine used to make the tunnel.

Few minutes from the Tokyo Aqualine is the Mitsui Outlet Park, watch out for my blog about that! :) Shopping time!