Winter Essentials

Kung Hei Fat Choi everyone! Still can't believe it's February already! :) Few more days from now and I'm off to Tokyo for my first out of country trip this 2014. As usual, I always check forecasts before leaving and here's the weather this weekend according to CNN:

OMG. Ice? Snow? Wooot!

Sorry, I got a little too excited after seeing the word Ice in the forecast. Obviously, there's no snow in my side of the world (Manila) that's why I'm definitely looking forward to my upcoming trip to Tokyo. Anyway, I'm slowly packing my bags and realized that it's harder to pack for winter compared to summer. Check out my list of winter travel essentials:

Down Jackets. When I went to Tokyo last year, I got one of those ultra light down jackets from Uniqlo and later on realized that I needed something thicker than that specially those moments when temperature reaches below zero degrees (0C).

Coats. recently offered their online shopping services to the Philippine market so I took advantage of their end-of-season sale last Christmas and bought these coats. Of course I needed wardrobe options! I wouldn't want my travel photos to look like they were all taken in one day coz I only had one outerwear for winter travel. Lol.

Boots. Wait, I know they're the wrong pairs but that's all I've got. At least they both have non-slip soles. Hehe. Just make sure to get socks that are thick enough to protect your feet from the cold, blisters/calluses. Anyone here willing to sponsor and send me Uggs?!

Lotion. I'm obviously a fan of the Armada Sport 70 from VMV 'coz it's also included in my list of essentials for the beach. :) According to VMV, the Armada gives extreme protection for extreme outdoor conditions.

Lip Balm. To prevent my lips from getting wind burned.

Scarf. They're great alternative to jackets/coats that don't have a hoodie.

Gloves. But not your ordinary gloves. Get the ones with touch capability like this one from Mujjo or Uniqlo. I have yet to replace mine 'coz I can't find the ones I bought last year.

I guess that's it for now. How about you travel junkies? What are your travel essentials for winter? Comment now! :)