Annoying Airline Passengers

I just arrived in Sydney and I'm soooo sleepy, thanks to passenger who I shall name "the boozer" for keeping me up all night during our 8-hour flight from Manila to Australia.

He looked exactly like this stock photo from Corbis.

Apart from drinking non stop, the boozer also started singing a few lines from the songs he was listening to last night as if he was in a karaoke bar. IT WAS ANNOYING AS FUCK. I wanted to call his attention but I see no point in doing so. Also felt bad for the flight attendant assisting him the whole time with his wine refill. Tsk.

Anyway, since we're talking about passengers.. here are the others who top my list of doing annoying things while onboard a flight:
  1. The Chatters - I don't really mind talking to strangers but there are some people who really like to chitchat even on long-haul flights.
  2. The Crying Babies - Dear Mom or Dad, please prepare his milk or whatever toy that gets his attention as soon as you get inside the plane.
  3. The Kickers - Is it me or I'm really not a fan of kiddie passengers? They're the ones usually guilty of doing this. Purposely kicking the seat in front of them just because they think it's fun.
  4. The Recliner - Hey, they're serving food now. Do you mind sitting back up? I'd love to eat properly using my meal table.
  5. The Late Passengers - Hate delayed flights? Do your part and be at the airport gate 2-3 hours before the flight.
  6. The BO and the BB - How hard is it to freshen up before flying? I make sure I have my baby cologne and candies inside my bag ready for sharing so as not to offend those passengers with body odor and bad breath. Sharing is caring.
I guess that's it for now. How about you? What type of airline passenger annoys you the most? Comment and share below!

P.S. It's only 7:30PM in Manila as of writing this post and Sydney is advanced by 3 hours so it means I gotta sleep now. Goodnight Travel Junkies! ;)

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  1. Those who take gazillion of pictures just before the plane leaves is kind of annoying. I wont mind 1 or 2 shots but endless picture taking???seriously?!