Sydney's Bondi Beach and Darling Harbour

G'day Mate! After 10 years, I am finally back in Australia. Thanks to the best aunt in the entire planet for making it possible. Hihihi. First order of business was to go around and do a walking tour in Sydney's CBD.

This photo was taken somewhere in George St. where Pharell Williams and Katy Perry performed the day before. :) Sayang di umabot.

Can't help but admire the old buildings in the city. Fully restored talaga.

We decided to check out Bondi (pronounced as 'bon-dai') first to see what's new around the area. It's currently autumn in Sydney, mostly sunny but with occasional rains. Good thing it's not as humid compared to the summer season where temperatures rise up to 45 degrees celsius.

Bondi Beach is one of the iconic beaches in Sydney, Australia.

Nothing beats having a beach near the city center. It takes only 20 mins. by bus from Circular Quay.

This beach is very popular to surfers too. Check out the waves!

Here's another interesting to do in Bondi besides swimming or surfing. They call this area the Bondi to Coogee Walk. It's a 6-km walking, running or cycling route that offers a picturesque view of the coastal. You get to see the other parts of Bondi bay, rock pools, cliff formations, etc.

Hindi ko na nilakad bilang nagawa ko na siya 10 years ago and of course mainit. Haha. Insert hashtag tamad and maarte. LOL.

It was really sunny that day and didn't want to wear my sunglasses. Baka magka sunnies tanline yung face ko! Hahaha. This place is called Icebergs Dining Room & Bar. See the pool in my background?

It's the Iceberg's pool that used to be very very very private, as in Nicole Kidman levels lang ang puwede diyan. LOL. Not sure when they opened to the public but if I'm not mistaken you pay less than AUD10 for entrance fee and that's good for the whole day.

We didn't stayed that long in Bondi and went back to the city. Here's a part of Circular Quay which leads to...

Sydney's Darling Harbour.

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Harbour Bridge

It's my third time in Sydney but this view never ever fails to amaze me! I even asked my aunt if totoo ba yung view. Mukhang photo lang eh. Hahaha. If you've never been, I suggest you go! Ang ganda di ba? ;)