Just Another Day in Sydney

Feels good to be back in the city! :) Our itinerary for today was to check out Macquarie Park to look for job opportunities.

Macquarie Park is a suburb in northern Sydney.

Apart from Sydney CBD, Macquarie Park is also home to to some of the biggest corporations. Here's my cousin Jay before his meeting at the Johnson & Johnson head office. ;)

We didn't stayed that long because my Aunt and I wanted to bring Jay at Umi Kaiten Zushi.

Can I just share with you the train station in Macquarie Park? Don't you just wish our local train stations in Manila looked as good as this? So neat, so clean. Akala mo airport! Haha. It looked like a ghost town few minutes before lunch break.

Spotted docked at the Circular Quay is Queen Mary 2 which is the world's biggest cruise liner.

Hanggang pangarap ka na lang ba? LOL.

As of publishing this post, the Queen Mary 2 is currently docked in Bangkok heading towards Singapore on the 10th. It is completing a round-the-world voyage to mark its 10th anniversary. Kailangan ko ata manalo ng lotto to experience this kind of cruise ship. Rates don't go below US$1200. I am definitely including this to my travel bucket list. A girl can dream right? Haha.

Moving forward, here's a photo right before having lunch at Umi Kaiten Zushi.

Sharing with you a little 'weird' fact about my cousin. Jay is based in Tokyo, Japan and has been living there for two decades if I'm not mistaken. Being a Japanese citizen, he prefers having Japanese food only in Japan. He firmly believes that it's safer to consume Japanese food ONLY in Japan. ANO DAW?! Haha.

So here's his reaction the moment we went inside Umi Kaiten Zushi. HAHAHAHA. Obviously not happy with our choice of resto for late lunch.

Sorry Jay, Tita Lulu and I just can't say no to good sushi and sashimi! Hihi.
When in Sydney and craving for Japanese food I highly recommend Umi Kaiten Zushi! ;)

The thing I hate the most when blogging is remembering how good the food was during a trip. It's almost 2:00 in the morning and I am badly craving for Japanese food. BUT WAIT, there's more! After our whole day trip in the city, it was time to go back home to Penrith.

In Australia, malls are usually closed by 5:00PM (except Thursday where shops close at 9:00PM) which really sucks. Shopping is not an option but eating puwedeng puwede! ;) Our dinner that night was at Hog's Breath Cafe in Westfield Penrith.

Hog's Breath Cafe obviously specializes in meat. Bawal ang vegetarian dito. Hehe.

Can I pause blog for now and savour the taste of all the food consumed today?! I bet you're all hungry by now. I love Sydney and I love steak, 'nuff said! *burp*