Travel Junkie of the Month: Chuvaness

The Travel Junkie officially turns 3 this June 2014 and I'm kicking it off by launching the latest segment in my blog called Travel Junkie of the Month!

Please give a warm welcome to our first ever featured Travel Junkie of the Month: Cecile Zamora-Van Straten (CVS) also known as Chuvaness!

I started reading Chuvaness back in 2008. CVS is a genius, and very influential too! I started liking things posted on her blog, thanks to her creative writing/marketing skills. But of course, I couldn't afford all of them di ba! Hehe.

In 2010, I created one of the most viral Facebook page that made headlines. I remember sending the link to CVS in Twitter and next thing you know, she blogged about it and said: "Whoever started KA's despedida party is a genius." -- To be honest, it was one of those days where I literally got scared for my life. It's not cool getting random calls and messages from haters ha. Anyway, I've learned my lesson and vowed to never ever do something stupid online ever again. *wink wink*

Going back to our Travel Junkie of the Month, I've prepared a list of questions for CVS and she was kind enough to answer despite her busy schedule:

  • In one word, define travel. -- Hirap naman. Google na lang!
  • Describe the importance of travel. -- Destressing, learning about other cultures, finding oneself, discovering new things, seeing, smelling, tasting, feeling things you have never had before.
  • Cathay Pacific's First Class Seats

  • How often do you fly, and on what airline? -- Three times a year? I prefer Cathay Pacific. 
  • Do you have a preferred day or time when traveling? -- I prefer to leave around 11:00 AM if Manila and around 4:00 PM if abroad. In Manila I need my blowdry, and abroad I like to leave after lunch. I don’t like stress. 
  • Who books your plane tickets and lodging? -- I book my tickets online and accommodations through my dad’s office where I can get corporate rates.
  • What’s the weirdest question you got from an immigration officer? -- Wala naman.
  • Window or Aisle? -- I prefer a seat nearest to the toilet because I go quite often.
  • Are you a light or heavy packer? -- Definitely not light.
  • How do you pass the time on a flight? -- I pray, browse the duty free catalog, read, and sleep.

  • View from the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Tokyo.

  • In what country or region do you enjoy spending your favorite travel season, and why? -- Tokyo, because I'm Japanese inside.
  • Tell us about your most recent journey. -- 8 days in Tokyo with the boys. My longest in Tokyo yet. I don’t get tired of Tokyo.

  • Ben, Jeroen and Markus Van Straten

  • Where have you traveled and where do you plan to go next? -- I’m going to Sweden for H&M.
  • What is your ultimate travel destination? -- I like Paris. I want to get to know the city more. If only I didnt fear flying so much. Scandinavia I like.

  • Cecile Zamora-Van Straten

  • Why are you so fond of Japanese culture? -- Because I’m Japanese inside. 
  • Travel Tip -- Have a travel kit that you never unpack. Mine is a carry on that includes everything like hairdryer, mirror, toiletries, brushes, bandaids, sanitary pads-that are only for travel. So it shortens my packing worries. It’s ready to go.
Photos grabbed from Chuvaness. Thanks again Ms. C! You're the best! Hope I get to meet you again in the coming days or months. Anyway, how do you like this new section of my blog? Have a person in mind for the next Travel Junkie of the month? Leave your comments and suggestion below! 


  1. Chuvaness!! She's kind to have entertained your questions.. Ikaw na yan Maye! :) nice post!

    1. Despite what others think of her, I really think she's the nicest big time blogger out there. :)