24 Hours in Bangkok

What I thought was impossible was definitely possible. My friends and I decided to go on a road trip to Bangkok from Siem Reap. After that 12-hour trip by bus, I realized na ayaw ko na maulit yun. We have less than 24 hours in Bangkok and I'm not spending half of it inside the bus once more. So being the bitch that I am, I urged my friends to just book a flight back to Siem Reap. Sabi nga nila.. maubos na ang pera, wag lang ang oras. Time is gold everyone!

Rest is for the weak. We headed straight to McDonalds after checkin-in The Berkeley Hotel for our late dinner/snacks.

We had few more hours left before the 12MN curfew. We shopped right outside our hotel where there was a night market.

Got me and my sister personalized keychains with our names and charms added on to it. Cute!

Still alive and kicking, we were back to our hotel by 12 midnight.

Here's my room with Faye. Watch out for my review of The Berkeley Hotel soon!

Before sleeping, I was busy trying to look for cheap flights going back to Siem Reap. We found cheap seats from AirAsia that cost around US$80.00 per pax. It's a bit steep compared to US$28.00 but at least we still have few more hours left to go around central Bangkok for more shopping.

Our hotel is walking distance to the big malls in Bangkok so at least we were able to save a few bucks by walking around instead of getting a cab.

Trip to Bangkok will never be complete without ordering something from street vendors. Rap, Faye and I enjoyed our authentic US$2.00 thai milk tea. ;)

Being gadget freaks, our first mall stop is of course the MBK Center.

Not sure if MBK is still the cheapest place to get your gadgets so make sure you're updated with prices before getting one. Here's Faye who bought an Olympus OM-D camera.
Shopping Tip: Make sure that there's an international warranty before buying stuff abroad.

After mall hopping, we all went our separate ways to get last minute pasalubongs and whatnot. I was busy checking out food vendors. This tuktuk selling ice cream caught my attention, wouldn't it be awesome to have something like this in Manila? We need something new versus the food trucking industry.

By 5:00PM we're on a cab on our way to Don Mueang International Airport. If I'm not mistaken it is the old airport of Bangkok but was pleasantly surprised by how it was maintained.

Checking-in was a breeze thanks to AirAsia's self check-in machines.

Don Mueang International Airport is old but better than Ninoy Aquino International Airport. Free WiFi is fast too!

They have a lot of restaurants too but we spent our remaining baht in McDonald's which by the way costs more compared to prices outside the airport.

Our plane arrived and left on time. Good job, Air Asia! :)

It was a definitely one of the most random trips I ever had but was kinda sad upon leaving. We can't wait to go back, see you soon Bangkok! :)