Angkor Wat Sunrise

Apart from seeing the temples during sunset, one should not miss seeing the temples during sunrise. Remember we got our tickets the day before? If you get an Angkor Pass in the afternoon, it's valid for use 'til the day after. ;) Talk about hitting two birds with one stone.

Anyway, Faye set the alarm at 4:30AM but no one got up.  No thanks to our late night drinking in Pub Street. Haha. We should've asked the concierge to give us a wake up call. Oh well, moving on.

We went back the next morning to this view. This was taken around 5:45AM.

Say hello to Jamie.

Like my other friend Jay, he also loves taking selfies.

Not sure if we're actually allowed to sit here.

There were stones perfectly balanced on top of each other. I guess they were placed there by locals or other tourists.

Photobomber alert!

We left by 8:00AM and went back to our hotel for breakfast.

It depends on the weather forecast but I really do not recommend going on a temple tour mid noon time because of the intense heat. After our heavy breakfast, it was time to to go back to our rooms and rest for a while. Buhay baboy lang eh no? LOL. Our next post will be about the Ta Prohm and Bayon Temples so watch out for that. ;)