Things To Do in Anvaya Cove

When in Anvaya, you cannot just stay in the Seabreeze Verandas. They have a ton of things to do in their list of recreation and activities but our favorite would have to be the Anvaya beach and swimming pools! :)


It was a bit cloudy during our stay so it was perfect time for swimming. ;)

Can't remember exactly how many pools were there, I'm guessing around 5 including this kiddie pool. :) All pools have their own lifeguard on standby from 6:00AM-7:00PM.

Here's my nephew Enzo enjoying the pool with daddy Jet. ;)

I like that they have tables nearby. At least we have a place to eat when the kids get hungry after swimming.

Speaking of eating, Anvaya provides a card that guests use as a credit card for all transactions. It's quite convenient coz you don't need to bring cash all the time. All transactions must be paid upon check-out.

Moving on, did you know that Anvaya means family? I like that they built a place where you can have the ultimate relaxation, recreation and reflection. If may bahay at lupa lang ako dito, hindi na ako babalik ng Manila. They have everything! As in everything: Library, Game Lounge, Anvaya Shop, Nature Trails, Golf Course and Kiddie Village.

This is the outdoor playground but they do have one that's indoor too with a sleeping area for those babies who need to have a quick nap during siesta.


They also have their own spa, the Veda Spa. It's sooo beautiful inside and prices aren't that bad too! ;)

You also have the option to just hangout by the beach to relax and enjoy the sound of the waves. See the red flag in the photo? It means that water's a bit rough so swimming isn't allowed.

Meet my cousin Jev and hubby Jet. Avail na avail nila ang pag relax sa beach. ;)

Thank you once again to my cousins for inviting me. Thumbs up for Anvaya Cove! If given the chance, for sure babalik at babalik kami! ;)

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