Mitsui Outlet Park Minami-Osawa

They say everything's expensive in Japan, I beg to disagree. If you want to go shopping then you should check out Mitsui Outlet Park, they have branches all over Tokyo but this one's in Minami-Osawa, Hachioji City.

It was almost the start of winter season so obviously most items on sale would be for winter use only. Some are still a little expensive, almost same prices with items sold in Manila.

But the cheapest for me are the pricing of their shoes. In here you'll find a decent pair that costs less than ₱2,000.

I've never owned a Reebok and their classics make me want to own one. Price range from ¥3000-5000 per pair!

I got a few pairs from Nike too! No, they're for my siblings but sadly had to let go of some bcoz they were either too big or too small for them.

I feel so accomplished after buying cheap pairs from Nike. But trust me, I really had a hard time trying to fit all 4 pairs inside my medium-sized luggage. Haha.

It was a bit tiring to walk around while carrying bags of shoes so here's our reward after our 'shopathon'.

Have you ever shopped in Tokyo? Where can you find other great deals in Japan apart from the Mitsui Outlet Park? Comment below! I'd love to hear from you guys. ;)