Universal Studios Japan

Need a reason to visit Japan during Halloween season?

Have you seen the video above? Sadly we were in Osaka during that time but the locals there did not disappoint! We spent our halloween at Universal Studios, it was a bit crowded plus the express pass was already sold out when we arrived around 10:00AM meaning we weren't able to try all rides. But despite that tiny hiccup we really had tons of fun! ;)

People dressed up despite the gloomy weather. Noticed that very mabenta ang Harry Potter costumes.

My boyfriend didn't want to dress up but that's ok coz we still look like a cute couple hanging out at Sesame Street. Hihi.

We kept ourselves busy by watching other people play..

.. checked out costumes. I'm kinda lost. Ano yung outfit nila? Hehe.

Watched street parades.

Lined up wherever there's a few people. In our case, Waterworld.

We take a break once in a while to grab snacks and do people watching. For this costume, not exactly sure if peg nila si Superman or Batman. LOL.

Wonderland is for the kids and the kids at heart.

We also lined up for Jaws. Cameras weren't allowed but I found a video of the ride online. My only issue here is that everything's in Japanese. Kakaloka lang na in Japanese. Haha.

Welcome to Hogsmeade! :) Travel Tip: During peak season, they give a timed entry ticket to control the number of people inside The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. So make sure you get one once inside the USJ.

I am not the biggest Harry Potter fan but the Hogwarts castle is just pure AMAZEBALLS.

The frames/LCD TVs were moving as expected. It was quite challenging to take photos inside the castle because lighting was a bit more dimmed than usual.

We also spotted the younger version of Harry, Ron and Hermione.

Wiseacre’s Wizarding Equipment is packed with panic buyers. Since I ain't the biggest fan, I opted not to buy anything. Yes, pati Butterbeer hindi ko tinikman. LOL.

Halloween Horror Nights starts 6:00PM onwards so while waiting, people spotting na muna ulit kami. Haha.

It started raining before 6:00PM so instead of running all over USJ, the zombies are stuck so as not to destroy their makeup. Noticed that some Japs were overreacting, di naman kasi nakakatakot. I did not see Sadako. :(

We didn't stayed that long but thanks for a fun Halloween experience USJ! ;) We rewarded ourselves with a sushi dinner at a kaiten resto in Universal City just outside USJ.


  1. hi , where did you purchase your USJ tickets? sa japan na po mismo, i cant buy kasi on their official website. thank you!

  2. Hi Eliezza,

    Yup, sa mismong USJ na kami mismo bumili coz for some weird reason we couldn't find the link where we can buy those express pass.