South Korea's Everland

A family trip to Seoul is not complete if you don't visit the Everland Resort in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. Everland Resort opened in 1976 as the first family amusement park in Korea. Though originally called ‘Yongin Jayeon Nongwon,’ the company changed its name to ‘Everland’ to make the name more recognizable to international audiences.
To be honest, I am not a big fan of theme parks. Maybe because I don't like feeling sick everytime I try one of their famous rides. #MotionSicknessProbs Anyway, so how do you get to Everland from Seoul? Since we're a big group (literally in terms of physique, lol), we decided to just take the shuttle bus going to Yongin. Click here to see complete sched and other details. Prior booking is required so make sure you give them a ring at least a day before to reserve your seats.

We took Shuttle Bus No. 1 that departs from Seoul City Hall. Travel time takes approximately 40-50 mins depending on the traffic. Roundtrip bus fare costs ₩12,000 and you pay (they only accept cash payments) before getting inside the bus.

Travel Tip: Print this coupon from the Everland site for additional discount. If you have extra cash on hand you might want to buy your tickets from the bus conductor/shuttle service that will take you to Everland. If I'm not mistaken they're selling tickets for more or less ₩30,000.

Since we didn't have extra cash, we bought our tickets here (right side near the entrance of Everland) and presented our coupon for discounts.

Weather was sooo bad that day. Most outdoor rides were closed due to the snow storm that morning.

To keep ourselves warm we had lunch inside Venezia or checked out items sold inside the gift shops.

Speaking of gift shops, I am not familiar with all the characters they have in Everland. But I'm glad to see a Line store/gift shop. :)

Can I just say that Line has the most awesome characters in the world of smart phone messaging? I used to be a big fan before I moved to Viber and Whatsapp. Hehe. Their characters got swag (I hate that word)! Lol.

My sister got this hat from one of the gift shops. I look weird wearing that fluffy hat. Hehe.

Weather was a bit bipolar that day so we had to go indoors whenever it will snows Here we are waiting for our turn to experience Everland's Rotating House. ;)

Weather improved in the afternoon so we were able to watch the White Christmas Parade which starts at around 2:30PM and lasts for about 30 minutes.

The temperature at that time was around 0C so I have no idea how on earth can these people survive staying outside all the time. I guess we need to invest in thicker winter clothes, Mum and Pops! Hehe.

We left early to catch our shuttle bus leaving for Seoul by 6:00PM and ended the day by rewarding ourselves with another round of yummy Korean bbq dinner right across Zena's apartment in Chungmuro. ;)