Top 10 Must-Have Gadgets for Travel Bloggers

Stock photo by David Lees

What I like about this hobby called travel blogging is that I can write whenever, wherever. Let me share with you my top 10 tech accessories that I sometimes (guys mahirap dalin lahat, promise! haha) bring with me when traveling:

1. I own a Canon EOS40D and a Fujifilm X-M1 but nothing beats the simplicity and power of the Fujifilm X-100S. I think it's a great camera for those who love to do street photography.

2. I'm a late bloomer with GoPro cameras but I think they're the best camera specially when I started traveling solo. They're light, handy and works best with a...

3. Selfie stick or monopod! What I love about the POV pole from SP Gadgets is that this monopod is telescopic so it's easy to keep in your hand-carry bags, etc. The pole isn't that long so it's not as annoying compared to other monopods in the market.

4. When you're too lazy to carry anything then your next best alternative to a camera is your smart phone. Hands down, Apple's latest iPhones take the best photos despite having an 8-megapixel camera. Plus the size of the iPhone 6 Plus makes it a great phablet, no need to bring those bulky iPads.

5. Speaking of Apple, I love everything about the iPhone except for the battery life. Since we have unreliable telcos in the Philippines, turning on the mobile data sucks the life of my phone one percent at a time.What I did was to just get a Huawei pocket-wifi (with a separate line of course) and connected only when needed. Make sure to get an unlocked unit so you have an option to use it abroad (stop getting bill shocked!) as well :)

6. Charging your gadgets all at the same time can be a pain in the ass specially if you only have one universal charger with you. Get rid of the bulky adaptors and get yourself a portable hub like this one from Belkin. It has 4 SuperSpeed ports that facilitates faster mobile-device charging.

6.1 Got no time to charge? Make sure you get yourselves a powerbank. The one I love right now is from Xiaomi that offers 10,400mAh and 16,000mAh batteries powered by either Samsung/LG. Did I mention they're one of the cheapest but reliable brands in the market too? Their powerbanks costs less than ₱1,000!

7. I am lusting over Bose's latest noise cancelling headphones. I think they're the best in the market and I really hope I get to buy one this year. This is great for long haul flights where you have screaming kids in the background. LOL.

8. At this day and age of digital media, I know only a few people who appreciates film photography. Wouldn't it be nice to show off those photos in walls/albums instead of getting stuck inside your memory card or portable hard drive?

9. I recently switched to Apple's MacBook Pro (celebrating my first anniversary soon!) and it was one of the best decisions I did in my 27 years of existence. LOL. It's fast, love the "free" programs and battery life is superb! If you haven't switched, I suggest you get at least the MacBook Air which is light and can do most things that you do with a bulky computer.

10. So what's next for the future of traveling? The Pluggage from Delsey. It's a "smart luggage" that has awesome features like auto weight, flight info, fingerprint ID, weather forecast, etc. It's arriving sooner than you think and I cannot wait to own one for sure! ;)

How about you? What are your must-have travel accessories this 2015? Comment below!