Leaning Tower of Pisa

Piazza del Duomo, Pisa, Italy

Next stop on our Priceless Europe Tour from Rakso Travel is Torre De Pisa (Tower of Pisa) which is accurately referred to simply as the bell tower, or campanile.

After our short stay in Rome, we're back on the tour bus and finally headed to the Province of Pisa. Pisa is a province in the Tuscany region of Italy and roughly 360kms away from Rome. Road trip going to Pisa took more or less around 4 hours and by the time time we got there super gutom na kami. Haha.

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While walking on our way to the tower, one of our group mates (I didn't get her name so let's just call her Karla) almost got mugged by three Italian looking ladies (one was even carrying a baby!) which we assume are the so called gypsies. There have been warnings all throughout our trip, and it's to TAKE CARE OF YOUR BELONGINGS. I wasn't exactly sure what happened or how it started (even though I was just 1-2 meters away from her) but according to Karla the ladies started ganging up on her. Luckily she used a sling bag (meaning it's easier to steal a handbag compared to a bodybag) that day plus her father arrived just in time to "rescue" her from harm. Isang sigaw lang ng "HOY!" umalis na kaagad yung mga gypsies.

After that incident with the gypsies, I hurriedly kept all my gadgets and hugged my handbag for dear life. LOL. Here's a photo grabbed from In Africa and Beyond to give you an idea what the place looked like. It's basically a shopping area full of tourists making it one of the best spot for thieves, gypsies, etc.

The Battistero di San Giovanni is Pisa's unusual round baptistry and has one dome piled on top of another, each roofed half in lead, half in tiles, and topped by a gilt bronze statue of John the Baptist. According to LonelyPlanet.com, Pisan scientist Galileo Galilei (the guy who came up with the laws of the pendulum), was baptised in the octagonal font in 1246.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is one of Italy's signature sights. The tower is eight stories tall and leaning at about a 10 degree angle. That's me making awkward poses just like the other tourists. Hehe.

After an hour or so we're back on the road going to Venice, Italy. Trip lasted for 3.5 hours and we arrived at our hotel just in time for dinner.

We stayed at Best Western Hotel Airvenice which is approximately 20 mins. from Venice Marco Polo Airport.

The room was ok and have enough space good for 2 chubby girls like us. Hehe.

According to their website, overnight rate for a double room costs €74.00 and inclusive of breakfast.

I was busy blogging that night that I didn't bothered opening that smell telly.


Bathroom is spacious as well and clean too!

Only thing I didn't like is the food. Which understandably was supposed to be looking like that specially when you're on a group tour. LOL. I'm not sure if I should blame the hotel or the lightning inside the dining area. Parang ang lungkot nung pagkain, nakakawalang gana. Hehe.

Anyway, I will end the entry for now. Watch out for my next blog where I'll give you a day tour of the city of Venice. Ciao! :)