Hotel Swiss Star

Our fourth home during our European tour, Hotel Swiss Star in Wetzikon, Switzerland.

From Liechtenstein we traveled for another 2.5 hours heading to our next destination which is Switzerland. But before we move forward to our tour of Mt. Titlis and Lucerne, check out my review of the Hotel Swiss Star, one of my faves during this trip. ;)

I like how modern the hotel looks like, this is their double room.

It was very spacious and and sunny too since windows were as high as the ceiling.

We had enough space for our stuff and luggages so it wasn't hard to move around.

Bathroom was superb, very chic, modern and clean too!

I forgot to mention that the hotel has motion sensor lights which is good for security but even better since they save energy. ;)

The overnight rate for their double room costs around ₱6500, good for 2 pax with breakfast.

Speaking of breakfast, did I enjoy their breakfast? Well it was like 50-50 since they served the usual bread and cheese with a few cold cuts here and there. But I love that they served us hard boiled eggs. Haha. It was something new compared to what the other hotels served for breakfast. I even got to bring some because other tourists didn't want to eat theirs. At least I now have baon inside the bus. Hihihi. Apart from that there was a grocery nearby so I was able to buy swiss chocolates for pasalubong. ;) Overall, I loved this hotel so if this is part of your tour then go for it!