Brussels, Belgium

The Atomium in Brussels, Belgium

Apologies for the late update. I am currently in Sydney, Australia now and just started with my course at General Assembly. Anyway, here's an update from my trip to Europe. After the short trip to Amsterdam, we were on the road once again and our next destination was Brussels in Belgium.

Our first stop is the Atomium. The Atomium is a building in Brussels originally constructed for Expo 58, the 1958 Brussels World's Fair. It represents iron atoms in their crystal lattice, magnified 165 billion times bigger. Basically it's a museum and considered as one of Europe's most bizarre but amazing buildings.

Few minutes away from the Atomium is the theme park called Mini-Europe.

Mini-Europe is the only park where you can have a whitlestop tour around Europe in a few short hours. Photo from

Spain wasn't part of our Europe itinerary but look I was able to visit Santiago de Compostela, a famous pilgrimage site located in Galicia, situated in the far north-west of Spain.

The Holsten Gate is a city gate marking off the western boundary of the old center of the Hanseatic city of L├╝beck in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

They also featured the Bradenburg Gate and the Berlin Wall of Germany.

Could someone please help me identify this model? I forgot my guidebook in Manila. Hehe. It's so beautiful I hope to visit this place soon. :)

It's all in the details. It probably took thousands of hours to finish this model of the Leaning Tower of Pisa (which is made of marble too!).

We also passed by the Grand Place which is the central square of Brussels. In the top most left of this photo you can see the Brussels Town Hall.

Sadly, we missed the Manneken Pis. We only had a few hours left so we just had lunch and bought last minute pasalubong like Belgian chocolates. I'm not exactly sure which brand to buy but if you happen to be or going to Brussels, don't forget to bring home those cappuccino flavored truffles. THEY ARE DIVINE. ♥♥♥