Happy International Coffee Day!

Welcome to Australia, literally a mecca for coffee lovers.

My new years resolution for 2015 is to stop drinking sodas and I'm proud to say that so far I've been very successful with that. But when in Sydney, you'll be a coffee convert (GUARANTEED!) once you see all those chic coffee shops in every corner of the city.

For the past 4 months, I have been drinking coffee (I usually order a single espresso or flat white!) like it's my new soda. Today, I am celebrating international coffee day by sharing with you some of my usual go-to coffee shops in the city. Disclaimer: I am not in any way a coffee expert so the list you'll see below are just my favorites.

Mecca: Well known by most locals to be the best coffee in the city and I couldn't agree more. This is where I had my first single origin espresso, very smooth and sweet, worth the wait. Photo taken from their Ultimo branch but I usually get my coffee from the CBD branch along Kent St. which is nearer General Assembly.

Haven Specialty Coffee: This coffee shop is located beside Bounce Hostel (where I usually checkin when I have classes in the city) and I like this place because it's spacious plus they serve breakfast food all day.

Baker Bros: Located at the lobby of our building along York St., Baker Bros is one of the few places that has a stand-up bar. They've maximized the small space (they're sharing with Mr. Bao and Sushi OK) and got creative with it.

Kafeine: Originally known as Loaf & Devotion, I come to Kafeine not only for their coffee but mostly for their sandwiches which are pretty affordable and really good too. You should try their Burgerzilla sandwich that has pulled pork, beef, bacon, swiss, cheddar, etc. The list goes on, just try it!

Metropole: Queen Victoria Building (QVB) is my last resort when all coffee shops near my school are closed (FYI, some cafes start to close by 4:30PM). I haven't tried their meals though but they look so appetizingly good.

Sourdough Cafe: I've noticed that there's almost always a long line whenever a coffee shop serves coffee using beans from Campos. I come here for breakfast and order bacon and egg Turkish panini with BBQ mayo that really goes well with my flat white. ;) But to be honest, I couldn't tell the difference between all these coffee shops. Maybe I should attend one of their coffee cupping seminars to learn more about coffee.

Workshop Espresso: You wouldn't miss this cafe located along George St. right across QVB. It's one of those hole in the wall cafe serving good coffee and some appetizing breakfast snacks. Great as long as you can handle queues.

Jamaica Blue: It is one of the most cozy and comfy coffee shops in Ultimo so whenever I like to get away from the crowd I come here. Plus, this is the first coffee shop in Sydney that offered me their free loyalty card. For every $25 you get free coffee!

Ampersand Cafe: I've been to this coffee book store along Oxford St. in Paddington twice. They have great selection of books, I personally love the old ones from the 19th century. Just another great place to hangout outside Sydney CBD.

Speaking of outside Sydney CBD, here are some of the places I go to when I'm back in Penrith (a suburb in Western Sydney):

Mr. Brightside:We frequently visit this cafe during weekends, it's imaginative decor and menu are something to behold. Food is delicious and a bit expensive but one of the best inside Westfield Penrith.

Kingston & Co: Located inside Westfield Penrith. I've only been here once, food was quick and nice, coffee was not bad. Love the interiors though, very American style.

Seriously this post makes me want to have coffee as of this moment. But on a much more serious note, I try to limit my coffee intake for at least once or twice a week. I've noticed a major discoloration of my teeth thanks to all that caffeine I consumed since I arrived in Sydney. Hahaha. So excuse me for now, I'm gonna prepare my healthy strawberry smoothie. Happy International Coffee Day, Travel Junkies!

P.S. Did you know that strawberry helps lighten stained teeth? ;)


  1. Bae! Ganda ng photos! You've been to many cafe and they all look nice. Ampersand caught my eye though (you know why) and Jamaican Blue, too. Hope to visit someday. :)

  2. Hopefully, I get to travel to Australia in the near future to enjoy these cafes :D