Japan Escapade in Mt. Fuji

From Osaka, we took a local train and transferred to Shin Osaka station for the bullet train ride to Shizuoka Station. It is also my parents' first time to ride the high-speed train. :) Our first stop was to have lunch in Gotemba Kameya.

They served the Gotemba Set Menu (¥1,100) that includes a bowl of soba/udon, fried tempura, grilled salmon and other vegetables.

After lunch, we headed straight to the Gotemba Premium Outlets. Again, I failed to take photos because we were given only 1.5 hours to shop. If you want to learn more about shopping in Gotemba you may refer to this post from 2015. :)

Our last stop before checking-in to our next hotel is Mt. Fuji's 4th station.

There are 5 stations but then the 5th was covered in snow and isn't passable to any vehicle. This place basically gives you a close-up look of Mt. Fuji. I failed to appreciate the view though since we arrived almost sunset and it was a struggle to look without any sunglasses. Haha.

Our second hotel for the Japan Escapade tour is the Yamagishi Ryokan Hotel. It is one of those hotels that offer traditional Japanese accommodation where guests sleep on tatami mats. I can't exactly tell if the location was great since we didn't have time to walk around because of the non-stop rains but it was just across Lake Kawaguchi.

The hotel felt a bit worn out/old but well maintained.


Sheets were provided but obviously, we had no idea how to set it up. You may ask housekeeping to fix the bed for you. :)

We had a kaiseki set menu for dinner which is basically a traditional multi-course Japanese dinner. It offers different dishes (from sashimi to beef, seafood, and other vegetables) that are artistically arranged.

To be honest I felt bitin after eating everything but at the same time also busog.

We're almost approaching the city center of Tokyo! Watch out for the continuation of our Japan Escapade tour!