Tokyo DisneySea

Apologies for the lack of updates. I rarely have time or inspiration to write after getting engaged. I've been busy preparing stuff for our wedding next year and just the thought of planning stresses me out. Anyway, I realized I needed a break and I badly miss writing so let me just share photos from my back-to-back trips to Japan this summer with the family. First post, Tokyo DisneySea! :)

I'm sure you're all familiar with Disneyland but did you know that there's another theme park inside the Disney Resort in Tokyo? Tokyo DisneySea opened in 2001 (they're celebrating their 15th anniversary this 2016!) and is the only Disney Park (in the world) themed to the sea.

Thanks again to my parents for letting me join them in this trip. I honestly didn't want to go but how can you say no to a free trip to Japan?! :p

It was a very gloomy day when we arrived and there were long lines in every ride as expected.

This is our first time in Tokyo DisneySea and can I just say I am impressed by how huge the park is! It felt bigger than the usual Disneyland plus I like that I can relate with the characters since they featured mostly Disney characters from the 80's to early 2000.

Sharing a fun fact I read from the TDR Explorer: Did you know? Mount Prometheus at Tokyo DisneySea and Cinderella's castle at Tokyo Disneyland are the same height?

Like I said earlier, lines were really long so this trip was basically just a photo experience. Here's pops posing with the S.S. Columbia that looks similar to the RMS Titanic.

One of the reasons I hate joining group tours is that we lack time or always in a rush. If I remember correctly we only had 4-5 hours to enjoy DisneySea which was obviously not enough. I still had fun though despite not being able to experience the rides.

The highlight of my trip would have to be seeing Marie (I wanted to take her home!) and Princess Jasmine with Aladdin.

Entrance ticket cost ¥7,400 per person (discounts are given to children and senior citizens). There are fastpass (express tickets) available but then I'm not sure how much it costs. Again, a day is not enough to be spent here so consider yourselves warned. :)

P.S. I filed this entry under "Rakso Travel Experience" since it's just one of the many tourist spots we visited during on a one week tour around Japan.