A Lorcha Macao


As you can see from our group photo, we ate a lot that night. Totally busog. Worth it yung nilakad namin for hours! :lol: My new found friend Olivia (girl in black) uploaded photos of our food that night. Can I just say nakaka-miss and nakakagutom? ;) Anyway, here's what we had that night. Someone please help me identify the name of the dishes. I was too busy eating and I forgot to take notes. :lol:

Portuguese Dried Cod Cakes

Rissois de Camarao

Arroz de Marisco - Seafood Rice

 Roast Lamb

Galinha à Africana

 Oxtail Stew

Clams with Garlic, Coriander, and Olive Oil

THIS. This dessert is to die for. Frozen ice cream I think with fudge. NOMNOMNOM.

Who's hungry? :roll: I know I am...