Shopping Day!

Last day in HK. We woke up late na (around 9am) after that very tiring day trip in Macau. Knock out kung knock out. Agenda for today was to go shopping. Yes folks, the past 2 days were spent walking and touring and walking and touring. Hindi ako nag gain ng weight, confirmed yan! Haha. First stop was Central in Hong Kong Island.

Dropped by H&M to check out Versace collection. Kaya lang, most items sold out na. So yes, wala ako nabili. :|

Next stop was the newly opened Apple store. It was a few blocks away from H&M so nilakad na lang namin. Paolo wanted to get an iPhone 4, not 4s ha.

Turista Shot No. 2

It was a huge store packed with Apple fans/geeks! If I'm not mistaken they have 50-100 employees. :shock:
We asked if/how can we get an iPhone 4 and the staff said you needed to have a reservation online before getting it in stores. :| Seriously now, ayaw makisama ng shopping gods. Super fail. :lol:

We decided to leave Central and go to Causeway. Baka sakaling doon may mabili na. :roll: Sweet nila o!

We tried this milk tea shop near SOGO/Skin Food in Causeway. Little did we know that it was ChaTime pala (based dun sa plastic cover, no store names kasi). And in fairness, it was the best pearl milk tea we've ever tasted! :) Hindi siya matubig, and pearls were perfectly cooked. Sarap. We actually came back for another round! Haha.

Here's Paolo chillaxing in Ajisen Ramen after our long walk and while waiting for our ramen/tonkatsu.
After our short break/lunch, we looked for LCX 'coz my plan was to get myself a pair of Dr. Martens boots. :) In fairness, success ako sa pagbili. We also checked out some shops in La Foret, kaso di kasi kami Asian size ni Pao so fail din mamili ng damit don. :lol: Balik na lang kami sa Tsimshatsui and ended up in Classy Optical.

We checked out the store to compare prices for Ray Ban Wayfarers. In fairness, ok ang deal dito. Paolo bought 3 wayfarers (one for me! YAYY! :cool: ). Will blog about the store after this post.

Turista Shot No. 8 Siyempre naman, hindi ka turista if wala ka photo op with the high end brands found in Canton road. Haha. ;)
Went back straight to our hotel after our whole day of walking/shopping spree. Konting pahinga lang then went straight to the Ladies Market in Mongkok to look for other items to buy. Medyo fail na naman kami this time. :lol: Hindi kasi nag cooperate yung built in GPS ng mind ko. We're looking for Sephora, H&M and Cotton On.
Nakisama pa yung pantog ko, nasobrahan siguro sa milk tea kaya ayan.. imbis na stores ang hinahanap, naging CR. Haha. Ang nakakainis pa don, iisa lang ang public CR in the area. Medyo nairita ako sa haba ng pila lalo naman nang malaman ko na 2 cubicle lang pala available. :|
So after doing my thing in the very dirty CR, decided to go around one more time to look for the said stores. Pero fail pa rin talaga. We ended up buying another pearl milk tea and walked home. And you know what's nakakairita? Nasa Argyle St. lang pala yung mga hinahanap ko na store! :lol: Meaning nasa main road. Para kaming tanga na nagpasikot-sikot kung san-san. HAHAHA.