Palawan Day 1

Copied from my personal blog published on June 17, 2011:

I have a thing for traveling during off-peak season. Why? 'Coz I'm afraid of the crowd. Haha. And the hassle of going to the airport filled with sooo many bakasyonistas. Yun nga lang, there are disadvantages and one of them would be the start of la niña season. :| But hey, if cheaper rates naman why not? :lol:
While waiting for our plane. Flight got delayed for like an hour. Bummer.
Paolo and I decided to fly to Palawan. Its my 3rd while Pao naman is a first timer. I'll never EVER get tired of visiting Palawan. I love the place. Its clean and Palaweños are sooo nice and mabait. ;)
Kinda surprising to see that they've renovated Puerto Princesa Airport. :D Level up! Medyo may topak lang siya dahil parang may power interruption every 30 mins. :lol:
Stayed in A & A Plaza Hotel
If I were to rate this hotel, I'll give it 2-3 stars. If you're on a super tight budget, I'd recommend this hotel for you. I was semi disappointed upon checking out... ika nga nila, "You get what you pay for." :(
We arrived just in time for dinner. Its our first time in Kinabutchs.
Someone from foursquare recommended ordering the iced tea slush something. Tastes like iced tea with a mix of sampaloc. Some say may halong alcohol but I'm not really sure if meron. It tastes good naman. ;)
Pao ordered tanigue steak. Feels like home! Ganyan din lasa nung version ni Mama. :)
Mitra something dish that tastes like Mama's caldereta. Medyo sweet and spicy.
Mixed seafood. Ang cute nung shape ng squid.
After dinner, we walked going to Rizal Ave. intersection. Its the start pala of Baragatan festival. :D Checked out the stores and food stalls but decided to go back to our hotel after and called it a night.