Estancia Resort Hotel

They say the Philippines celebrate the longest during Christmas season, I couldn't agree more! You'll definitely feel the Christmas spirit most specially when we reach the "ber" months. :) It is also that time of the year when friends from overseas take month long leaves from work just to make sure they get to celebrate this fun filled holiday with their families and friends, just like my friend Angel.

Welcome back, Angel! :)

Since Angel's schedule is quite packed for the month of December, my friends and I decided to just bring her to Tagaytay for a short weekend getaway. Perfect timing too 'coz she's celebrating her birthday!

Tagaytay City is part of the province of Cavite, an hour and a half drive away from the south of Manila. It is one of the most popular destinations for local and international tourists not only because of the cooler climate/weather but also for the breathtaking view of one of the smallest yet most active volcano in the world, the Taal Volcano.

Photo grabbed from Estancia Resort Hotel.

We stayed in Estancia Tagaytay. It's actually my first time to go there and was quite surprised by the beauty and simplicity of the place. Check out their lobby! Everything was all white and has a Greek feeling to it. No wonder their family room was called the Santorini Villa.

See the nipa hut style houses in the background? Those are the Casitas. :)

We stayed in the Santorini Villa where they have 2 double beds. You may ask for additional beds if you're 5 or more in the group.

The room also has 2 baths. Definitely recommended as it lessens the waiting time for a showering group of 6.

They also have a pool for those who prefer to travel during summer. We planned to swim but it was cold during the time of our visit. Maybe next time! ;)

Breakfast was provided by Benedetto's Restaurant just near the lobby of the hotel.

Breakfast food, anyone? Now I'm hungry.

We enjoyed our overnight stay in Estancia Hotel and couldn't wait to go back! I'm definitely recommending this to everyone! It's like a not so hidden gem in the city of Tagaytay. You should try it if you plan to go there next time! :)

For cheaper rates, book with I've tried comparing the prices and a 3D2N stay for 2 if booked with Asiatravel will cost you only Php7,800 versus the Php10,200 rate if direct booking with the hotel. Breakfast included! Also, you get to save more if you download the FREE travel vouchers worth SGD20 (roughly around Php600+). Not bad, right? ;)


  1. How's the food there? Is it good for its price?

  2. How much for overnight stay at the villa?

    1. If I'm not mistaken we paid around Php10k for that. Inclusive of breakfast and other requests. :)