The Beauty of Mt. Fuji

Mt. Fujisan or Mt. Fuji is Japan's highest mountain/volcano that reaches 3776m/12,389ft and the most popular out of all the destinations in Tokyo. It is an active volcano that last erupted in the 17th century but scientist discovered in September 2012 that it has been showing signs of a possible imminent eruption.

We decided to spend the last day of 2012 by going to Mt. Fuji by car. It probably took us around 1.5-2 hours to get there, traffic time included. We're quite lucky as well 'coz we were able to see full and clear view of the mountain minus the clouds before the sunset. Thanks God!

We arrived just in time for lunch but then Mt. Fuji was covered by clouds thus giving us poor visibility of the beautiful mountain.

We decided to just have lunch first while waiting for the clouds to disappear. Sorry I don't remember the name of this restaurant but my cousin said it was one of the best in this area.

I'm assuming these people are Japanese celebrities who dined in this resto.

It was log cabin restaurant, very warm and cozy inside.

My brother and sister decided to play safe and ordered the usual Japanese deep fried foods.

I ordered this hot bowl of seafood noodles, perfect for the sunny-cold weather that day. If I'm not mistaken it was -2 to 5C so it was very cold. It looks yummy and it tastes very good too! :)

After our hearty lunch, my siblings and I spotted this small pile of snow. According to guards, it snowed the day before we went there. Pardon the ignorance (as we were born in a tropical country called the Philippines where we only have sunny and rainy days) but it's actually our first time to see an actual snow. Haha.

It was taking forever for clouds to disappear so I had no choice but to have my pictures taken. Talk about vanity. Lol.

At least we had other views to keep us busy.

Mt. Fuji is surrounded by 5 lakes if I'm not mistaken and this is just one of them.

I'm in awe by the beauty of this place. Felt like I was one with nature.. very calm, quiet and peaceful.

A few minutes more and voila! The clouds are gone. I just had to take this obligatory "tourist" photo of my cousin.

I fell in love with Mt. Fuji. I had no idea I'll be able to see it this close. What a beautiful mountain. ;)

Enjoying the view with cakes and coffee. One of the many ways I thought that would keep us warm but did not work. Haha. What a fail.

Sharing with you this sunset video and panoramic shot I took before leaving Mt. Fuji. Enjoy! :)