Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disney Resort in Japan offers two theme parks which is Disneyland and DisneySea. Decided to settle with Disneyland 'coz according to the friend of my cousin, the rides at DisneySea were so so and very child friendly so it probably means they have less of those thrilling rides.

Another obligatory tourist shot with my cousin! :)

I shall forever dream of staying in one of the Disney hotels specially the one in Tokyo. A night of stay there could cost you around Php15,000 or $367. That's just the rate for a standard room. Bloody expensive.

Disneyland Tokyo is definitely bigger than the one in Hongkong.

I like the architecture of their restaurants. Very chic and classy.

Jeff in It's a Small World. We weren't able to experience all the rides that day as the park was definitely crowded. You have to wait for hours just to get in. If I'm to give an estimate, there were probably around 20,000-30,000 people inside the theme park that day. Crazy! No wonder this place is one of the most visited theme park in the world. According to Wikipedia they got around 13-14 million visitors way back 2011. Wow.

Check out Goofy's house! Isn't that the cutest house ever?! Haha. See the long lines? Told 'ya it was crowded.

Kept myself busy by having my pictures taken instead. Lol.

Sorry for the vanity. Haha.

Vanity runs in our family blood. Haha.

We couldn't afford to splurge for expensive souvenir items. I just asked my sister to try them on and I'll take a photo that we could take home as souvenir. Haha.

The parade was cancelled that afternoon 'coz of strong winds so we had no choice but to stay late (and suffer the cold weather that night) in order to see the parade of lights. I haven't seen the one in Hongkong yet and I'm so glad we waited for this one.

 It brought me back to my childhood years. What an amazing show!

Check out this video from the parade. The place was overflowing with coolness that night. Awesome!