Tonkatu Wako

Almost midnight now as I type this post and I'm definitely craving for tonkatsu.

Let me give you an introduction to Tonkatu Wako. Tonkatu Wako is a famous food chain in Japan that's known for their delicious tonkatsu. According to their website, “Tonkatsu,” or pork-cutlet in English, is a popular dish whose origins began in western restaurants in the Meiji Era more than 100 years ago. The popular cooking style of the time was to broil the meat with lard or butter.

Aren't you getting hungry by now? Rosukatsu Gohan is one of the best sellers from their set menu.

We went to their branch near Sagamihara and had to wait for almost 20 mins. to get a table. No worries though 'coz it was worth the wait! ;)

I loved the idea of opening your kitchen to customers. You could see the chefs in action while waiting for your food. :)

I should caption this photo as calm before the storm. Haha.

We all couldn't wait to dig in!

I ordered the set which has pork, seafood and oysters.

The other thing I loved about this restaurant is that they you may ask for rice, miso soup and shredded cabbage and they'll refill your plate for free! Yes, for free. Unlimited! Haha. I'm pretty sure you'll leave the restaurant with a very happy (and bloated) tummy. *burp*

That's my sister after an hour of eating. She probably gained 100 lbs. or something after asking for 5 bowls of rice. Haha. She's obviously and definitely a happy customer. Wish we have this in Manila besides Yabu! The quality is way way wayyyyyy better than the latter. Promise! ;)