Pavillon Indochine

After a long day of walk under the scorching heat of the sun, it was time to go back to our hotel to freshen up and get some rest.

For our first 3 nights, we stayed at the Pavillon Indochine boutique hotel. Location is approximately 15-20 minutes from the Siem Reap Airport and 5-7 mins. to the area of Old Market/Pub St.

Checking in was a breeze. Staff were very nice and welcoming. ;)

We stayed in one of their family rooms at the first floor which has got 3 beds, 2 baths and a living room.


It's a large room so I'd definitely recommend this place for groups of 5-10. I think you may able to request extra beds if needed. :) Anyway, only downside of this hotel is their breakfast and sewerage. Let's start with the latter. I don't know if this happens to other rooms but both our bathrooms have clogging problems in the shower and toilet. Imagine flushing the toilet and you see soil-like brown particles instead of the crystal clear water. Shower/sink water smells and tastes pretty bad too. I hated brushing my teeth but had no choice. :( Haha. They really need to check on those probs, other than that.. place is ok. :)

Loving their salt water pool, I can stay here all day to just chill and relax the whole afternoon. On a serious note.. can someone please tell me why almost all hotels in Siem Reap offer salt water pool? Is that like the "in" thing in Siem Reap? I've got not idea.

Moving on to our breakfast buffet. Kinda sad that they serve almost the same thing almost everyday. They have their usual home made yogurt and croissants (which was really good btw!), porridge, steamed rice/noodles and A LOT of seasonal fruits. Thank goodness they have a cooking area/section for bacon and eggs. Choices were very very limited. 

This was basically my daily breakfast for 5 days. Well, it's better than none.

We booked directly via I've tried comparing with Agoda and they pretty much have the same rates except the part where if booked with Asiatravel, there's free shuttle/tuk-tuk upon arrival/departure. You know that anything free sounds good to me! Lol. Like I said, we stayed here for 3 nights so watch out for my next post about their sister hotel Siddharta. :)