Ta Prohm

After dropping by Angkor Wat, we asked our driver to bring us to Ta Prohm temple. You might be familiar with Ta Prohm 'coz it was one of the shooting locations for Angelina Jolie's movie Tomb Raider back in 2001. We were able to rest for a few minutes on our way to the temple which was more or less 5 kilometers away from Angkor Wat.

As expected, more walking for us. Check out the tall trees! No wonder the trees growing out of the ruins are perhaps the most distinctive feature of Ta Prohm.

I love that doors and windows of temples serves as frame for every photo. :)

The trees that crawl over the temple are either one of the following: silk cotton or gold apple trees.

Inside the corridors of Ta Prohm.

I'm a bit disappointed to see restoration works ongoing while on tour. They don't look good on my photos. Haha. As if I have a choice. :p

Mama obviously looked tired in this photo. Hehe. Konti na lang, uuwi na tayo. :)

I'm assuming those are sandstone blocks to be used for the restoration of the temple.

We walked for 30 mins. or maybe an hour for this stopover and we're tired plus hungry. Our driver brought us to this nearby Angkor restaurant for late lunch. 

Our lunch. Let's just say we prefer to play it safe whenever ordering local food abroad. :) Just to get our money's worth. Lol.