Hong Kong Quickie Part 1

Yes, for the nth time we are back in Hong Kong. Please don't ask us why. Lol. Anyway, I have this love-hate relationship when it comes to early morning flights. We flew again via Cebu Pacific and thank goodness our flight wasn't delayed and got there just in time for breakfast. :) Hate the waiting part though, where you need to come back after lunch for hotel check-in. We stayed at Hop Inn so watch out for my review on the next post.

Breakfast at Yoshinoya.

Went straight to Stanley Market after breakfast, it's Paolo's first time here.

A few things have changed since I last went here back in 2010.

There's Stanley Plaza which was renovated and reopened in 2011.

The Stanley Plaza has an outdoor community amphitheater that holds numerous free concerts all throughout the year. :)

I like the architecture of this mall, feels very homey. Here's the view from the 4th/5th floor of Stanley Plaza. :)

We didn't stayed that long and went back to Causeway Bay where we accidentally stumbled upon Ho Hung Kee while walking towards Times Square. Besides Tim Ho Wan and 2 other local restos, Ho Hung Kee was also awarded a Michelin star back in 2011 for their wonton noodles.

We arrived past 2PM and (surprisingly) there were no lines outside the restaurant.

It was full inside though and could probably accommodate less than 30 pax.

I forgot the name of my order but we obviously got a wonton noodle.

I'm no wonton noodle fan but it tasted pretty much the same as compared to other restaurants. It tasted like wonton noodles (LOL) only difference was the price. Paolo and I agreed not to splurge that much for this trip 'coz I was really on a tight budget. Who wouldn't be after flying almost every month in a span of 6 months?! Crazy. Anyway, the point is.. I find their menu price too expensive. I'm sure I could find other restos that offers the same food at a much affordable price. Will I come back for it? I don't think so. :)

After all that walking, we decided to go back to our hotel hotel for check-in. Next on our list was The Peak, it was our first time to go there at night and on a weekend so it was more crowded compared to weekdays.

It was sooo cold and foggy that night but we're not complaining as we needed a break from the summer heat in MNL. :)

Disadvantages of travelling as a couple is that you rarely get good photos of you both in one picture so I bought this one from the official photogs of The Peak. Like I said, we're on a tight budget. But since we loved this photo might as well bring it home as a souvenir. Tight budget also means I'm too cheap to purchase the soft copy so this scanned image will do for my blog. Haha.

We ended the night by having late dinner at one of the restaurants along Granville Road. *burp*