Hop Inn on Carnarvon

Hop Inn is one of the best hostels in Hong Kong. They have 2 branches in Tsim Sha Tsui area, Carnarvon and Hankow. Luckily, we were able to get rooms from their Carnarvon branch which was my original choice 'coz its near Granville Road where there are lots of cool shops and restos to choose from. Anyway, make sure you book in advanced (I booked roughly 2 months before our scheduled flight) 'coz they have limited rooms and almost (or always) fully booked every time we visit HK.

We got a double room with windows. It is small but feels cozy and comfortable. ;) The TV had limited channels to choose from but worry not 'coz Hop Inn has an awesome collection of VCDs and DVDs that you can rent/borrow for free! :D

A note to claustrophobic travelers; not all rooms have a window so you may want to specify that you want one during your booking/reservation. Anyway, the bed was comfy and pillows needed to be a little bit bigger but nevertheless had no problems sleeping on it. :)

It might kinda feel weird that the small bathroom is just beside our bed but that didn't bother us at all. Plus, they have shower curtains if you want a little privacy. Our only issue was that we could hear the flush/water flow from other rooms and it takes probably a minimum of 5 minutes before shower water gets warm/hot.

Hop Inn made sure that they have maximized the limited amount of space available on each room. No closet? No problem! You can place some of your small stuff or clothes by the shelves or hang them at your door. ;)

Rooms in both Hop Inn branches have different themes/wall art designed by local artists and illustrators.

They also have a common room for guests where they could just chill, meet and greet fellow travelers/backpackers, etc.

How awesome is that? They've painted the walls with the a huge map of the HK MTR. :)

These are the VCDs and DVDs I was talking about earlier. You may rent movies at no additional charge. ;)

They also have random vintage memorabilia's on display like books and beer bottles.

They've also allowed access on the roof top so if you want a little bit of fresh air then this spot is for you!

All in all, I highly recommend staying in this hostel. :) It's comfortable, modern, trendy, artistic, clean and yet very much affordable. ;) The next time I come back to HK I'll definitely try their Hankow branch.